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Draw Your Own Conclusions

July 21, 2009

Liber Israfel Sub Figura LXIV

August 26, 2008



A.’. A.’. Official Publication in Class B.


N. Frater A.’..A.’.

This book was formerly called Anubis, and
is referred to the 20th key, “The Angel”

0. The Temple being in darkness, and the Speaker ascended into his place, let him begin by a ritual of the Enterer, as followeth.

1. [Knock] Procul, O procul este profani.

2. Bahlasti! Ompehda!

3. In the name of the Mighty and Terrible One, I proclaim that I have banished the Shells unto their habitations.

4. I invoke Tahuti, the Lord of Wisdom and of Utterance, the God that cometh forth from the Veil.

5. O Thou! Majesty of Godhead! Wisdom-crowned Tahuti! Lord of the Gates of the Universe! Thee, Thee, I invoke.
O Thou of the Ibis Head! Thee, Thee I invoke.
Thou who wieldest the Wand of Double Power! Thee, Thee I invoke!
Thou who bearest in Thy left hand the Rose and Cross of Light and Life:
Thee, Thee, I invoke.
Thou, whose head is as an emerald, and Thy nemmes as the night-sky blue!
Thee, Thee I invoke.
Thou whose skin is of flaming orange as though it burned in a furnace!
Thee, Thee I invoke.

6. Behold! I am Yesterday, To-Day, and Brother of To-Morrow!
I am born again and again.
Mine is the Unseen Force, whereof the Gods are sprung! Which is as Life unto the Dwellers in the Watch-Towers of the Universe.
I am the Charioteer of the East, Lord of the Past and of the Future.
I see by mine own inward light: Lord of Resurrection; Who cometh forth from the Dusk, and my birth is from the House of Death.

7. O ye two Divine Hawks upon your Pinnacles!
Who keep watch over the Universe!
Ye who company the Bier to the House of Rest!
Who pilot the Ship of Ra advancing onwards to the heights of heaven!
Lord of the Shrine which standeth in the Centre of the Earth!

8. Behold, He is in me, and I in Him!
Mine is the Radiance, wherein Ptah floateth over the firmament!
I travel upon high!
I tread upon the firmament of Nu!
I raise a flashing flame, with the lightning of Mine Eye!
Ever rushing on, in the splendour of the daily glorified Ra: giving my life to the Dwellers of Earth.

9. If I say “Come up upon the mountains!” the Celestial Waters shall flow at my Word.
For I am Ra incarnate!
Khephra created in the Flesh!
I am the Eidolon of my father Tmu, Lord of the City of the Sun!

10. The God who commands is in my mouth!
The God of Wisdom is in my Heart!
My tongue is the Sanctuary of Truth!
And a God sitteth upon my lips.

11. My Word is accomplished every day!
And the desire of my heart realises itself, as that of Ptah when He createth his works!
I am Eternal; therefore all things are as my designs; therefore do all things obey my Word.

12. Therefore do Thou come forth unto me from Thine abode in the Silence: Unutterable Wisdom! All-Light! All-Power!
Thoth! Hermes! Mercury! Odin!
By whatever name I call Thee, Thou art still nameless to Eternity: Come Thou forth, I say, and aid and guard me in this work of Art.

13. Thou, Star of the East, that didst conduct the Magi!
Thou art The Same all-present in Heaven and in Hell!
Thou that vibratest between the Light and the Darkness!
Rising, descending! Changing ever, yet ever The Same!
The Sun is Thy Father!
Thy Mother the Moon!
The Wind hath borne Thee in its bosom; and Earth hath ever nourished the changeless Godhead of Thy Youth!

14. Come Thou forth, I say, come Thou forth!
And make all Spirits subject unto Me:
So that every Spirit of the Firmament
And of the Ether,
Upon the Earth,
And under the Earth,
On dry land
And in the Water,
Of whirling Air
And of rushing Fire,
And every Spell and Scourge of God the Vast One, may be obedient unto Me!

15. I invoke the Priestess of the Silver Star, Asi the Curved One, by the ritual of Silence.

16. I make open the gate of Bliss; I descend from the Palace of the Stars; I greet you, I embrace you, O children of earth, that are gathered together in the Hall of Darkness.

17. (A pause.)

18. The Speech in the Silence.
The Words against the Son of Night.
The Voice of Tahuti in the Universe in the Presence of the Eternal.
The Formulas of Knowledge.
The Wisdom of Breath.
The Root of Vibration.
The Shaking of the Invisible.
The Rolling Asunder of the Darkness.
The Becoming Visible of Matter.
The Piercing of the Scales of the Crocodile.
The Breaking Forth of the Light!

19. (Follows the Lection.)

20. There is an end of the speech; let the Silence of darkness be broken; let it return into the silence of light.

21. The speaker silently departs; the listeners disperse unto their homes; yea, they disperse unto their homes.

Liber LXXIII: The Urn

August 25, 2008



The Urn

The Diary of a Magus

12 The Equinox

has passed through fire; and is therefore, in a sense, of the nature of fire. The Urn is engraved with a word or symbol expressive of the nature of the being whose ash is therein. The Magus is thus, of course, not a person in any ordinary sense; he represents a certain nature or idea. To put it otherwise, we may say, the Magus is a word. He is the Logos of the Æon which he brings to pass.1

The above is obscure. I perceived and deplore the fact. The idea may be more intelligible, examined in the light of history.

Gautama Buddha was a Magus. His word was Anatta; that is, the whole of his system, which revolutionized the thought of Asia, may be considered as based upon and consecrated in that one word, which is his denial of the existence of the Atman or “soul” of Hindu philosophy.

Later, Mohammed also partially overturned an age by uttering his word, Allah. But to us, practically, the most important case of the kind is that connected with such “gods” as Dionysus, Osiris, Baldur, Marsyas, Adonis, Jesus, and other deifications of the unknown Magus concerned. The old pagan worship of the Mother-idea was superseded by the word IAO or its equivalents, which asserted the formula of the Dying God, and made the Male, dying to himself in the act of love, the engineer of the continued life of the race. This revolution cut at the root of all previous custom. Matriarchy vanished; self-sacrifice became the cardinal virtue, and so through infinite ramifications.

This idea of accomplishing the Great Work by a voluntary death was bound up with the belief that the sun died, and was reborn with the hours and the seasons. Astronomy having exploded this fiction, mankind was ready to gain a further comprehension of its own parallel case.

My own word, Thelema, supplies a new and scientifically sound basis for ethics. Self-sacrifice is a romantic folly; death does not end life; it is a temporary phase of life as night and winter are of terrestrial activity. Many other conceptions are implied in this word, Thelema. In particular, each individual is conceived as the 1 Cf. Rabelais: the final secret is in the bottle inscribed trinc.

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 Introduction 13

centre of his own universe, his essential nature determining his relations with similar beings and his proper course of action. It is obvious that these ideas are revolutionary. Yet to oppose them is to blaspheme science. Already, in a thousand ways, the principles involved have replaced those of the Dying God. Little remains but to accept Thelema consciously as a statement of law, so that any given problem may be solved by applying it to each case.

The man Crowley had been chosen to enunciate this Law, that is, to exercise the essential function of a Magus. But he had yet to understand it, a task which involved the crossing of the Abyss, already described; and further, to identify his will with the Law, so that his personality might act as the focus of its energy. Before he could be that pure will whose name is that word, he had to be purged by fire of all competing volitions; and this was done by those who had chosen him during this part of his life, which I am about to record.

He had indeed got rid of his sense of the personal self, yet his force was discharging itself dispersedly through all sorts of channels appropriate to the various elements in his nature. It was necessary to constrain every particle of his energy to move in one sole direction. (The physical analogy of a gas whose electrons are polarized and one not so organized is not so bad.)

It must now be explained how he was able to understand what was happening to him in this initiation—his life from 1914 to 1919. The Grade of Magus is traditionally connected with the idea of the number 2; male creative energy, wisdom and the expression of a single idea in terms of duality. It transmits the idea of the divine unity to its feminine counterpart, the understanding, somewhat as a man transmits the essence of his racial character to his wife so that he perceives his inmost nature, itself unintelligible to him directly, by observing the flowering of that essence in his son. The Hebrew title of the idea embodying these characteristics is Chokmah, whose numerical value is 73. This fact appears arbitrary and irrelevant; but it forms part of the symbolic language in which the præterhuman intelligences who control the initiate communicate with him. Thus, my adventures in America seemed a series of stupidities for a long time. Nothing I did produced the 14 The Equinox

expected results. I found myself suddenly switched from one episode to another so irrationally that I began to feel that I had somehow got into a world where causality did not obtain. The mystery only became clear when analysis disclosed that the events which threw me about in this manner occurred at almost exact intervals of 73 days, or of some multiple or sub-multiple thereof.

I understood from this that 73 terrestrial days made up a single day of initiation.1

1 [The chronology of the Chokmah-days is roughly as follows; italicized dates are confirmed in Crowley’s writings:

I. Nov. 3, 1914–Jan. 14, 1915. Confessions, p. 826. In “Liber 73” (July 4, 1916) Crowley notes he was alone.

II. Jan. 15–March 28, 1915. Ditto.

III. March 29–June 9, 1915. Ditto. Crowley refers back to “three Chokmah days” ending on June 9 in Confessions, p. 798.

IV. June 10–Aug. 21, 1915. In “Liber 73” (July 4, 1916) Crowley notes he was with the Cat.

V. Aug. 22–Nov. 2, 1915. Ditto.

VI. Nov. 3, 1915–Jan. 14, 1916. Ditto. See Confessions, p. 805, where Crowley relates that he broke up with the Cat.

VII. Jan. 15–March 27, 1916. In “Liber 73” (July 4, 1916) Crowley notes that he was alone, but see Confessions, p. 805.

VIII. March 28–June 8, 1916. In “Liber 73” (July 4, 1916) Crowley notes he was with the Monkey-Officer.

IX. June 9–Aug. 20, 1916. See Confessions, p. 806. In “Liber 73” he calculates, on July 4, 1916, that he has had 8 days so far.

X. Aug. 21–Nov. 1, 1916.

XI. Nov. 2, 1916–Jan. 13, 1917.

XII. Jan. 14–March 27, 1917.

XIII. March 28–June 9, 1917. See Confessions, p. 826.

XIV. June 9–Aug. 21, 1917. The Dog. See Confessions, p. 826.

XV. Aug. 22–Nov. 2, 1917.

XVI. Nov. 3, 1917–Jan. 14, 1918. The Camel.

XVII. Jan. 15-March 28, 1918.

XVIII. March 29–June 9, 1918. Olun in here somewhere.

XIX. June 10–Aug. 21, 1918.

XX. Aug. 22, 1918–Nov. 2, 1918.

XXI. Nov. 3, 1918–Jan. 14, 1919. Meets the Ape of Thoth in early January. See Confessions, p. 848, where he states that with her appearance his “journey through the Desert had reached its last stage.”

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 Introduction 15

As soon as I had grasped this singular fact, I was able to interpret each such period by considering how its events influenced my spiritual development. In this I succeeded so well that towards the end I became able to predict the sort of thing that would happen to me beforehand, which helped me to meet circumstances intelligently and make the fullest and most appropriate use of them.

One further point with regard to this initiation must be mentioned, though it sounds so fantastic even to myself that I can scarcely smother a smile. In the ancient ceremonies of the Egyptians the candidate was confronted or guided on his journey by priests wearing the masks of various animals, the traditional character of each serving to indicate the function of its wearer. Quaint as it sounds, I found myself discovering an almost stupefying physical resemblance to divers symbolic animals in those individuals whose influence on me, during their appointed period, was paramount.1

1 [These “Officers” (portraits of many of whom appear as Figs. XXX–XXX, facing p. XREF) were given theriomorphic names as follows.

Crowley notes that their function changed with Chokmah-day XIV, June 9, 1917 (Confessions, abridged ed., p. 826) when “the function of the officers was no longer to administer ordeals (I had passed the tests); they were sent as guides to lead me on a journey through the Desert to the appointed ‘House of the Juggler’ in which a Magus symbolically lives.” In approximate order of appearance:

The Cat. Jeanne Robert Foster, née Ollivier. The Scarlet Woman Hilarion. See Confessions, abridged ed., pp. LOOK UP, 805.

The Snake.

The Monkey. Ratan Devi (Alice Ethel Coomaraswamy, née Richardson, the wife of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy. See Confessions, abridged ed., pp. 773–6, 805–6).

The Owl. Confessions, abridged ed., pp. 805–6.

The Dog. Anna Catherine Miller. Appeared Chokmah-day XIV.

See Confessions, p. 826. [SEE ALSO 781.]

The Camel. Roddie Minor, or Mrs. Zain [CHECK]. The Scarlet Woman Achitha. See Confessions, pp. 832 ff.


The Ape. Lea Hirsig. The Scarlet Woman Alostrael. See Confessions, p. 841, where Crowley describes her as “the last of the officers in my initiation.”]

16 The Equinox

From these and other indications I have been able to construct an intellectual image of the initiation; and if these preliminary remarks be thoroughly understood, it should be easy to follow the course of my progress to the Grade of Magus.

Part I 1

Notes from the Diary of the Candidate nemo 8°=3á during his Initiation to the Grade of Magus2



T H A TI S T O B E A MA G U S9° = 2á O F A§A§


New York ) in 11° O An. x. B in 9°50′ O

[New Year’s Eve, 1914–1915 e.v., about midnight CHECK]

This record should touch briefly on the causes of this work.

About Dec. 14 I came to the conclusion that B was Lord of New York, and began various invocations of him as best I could, notably by the O.T.O. method. I shall refer here, and after, to the record “De Arte Regia.”4

1 [Part numbers and stars are used by the present editor to demarcate the different portions of the diary, which covers (with some gaps) the period from late 1914–early 1918 e.v. ]

2 This titles is given on a loose MS. title page to the first diary included in “Liber 73.” This also gave “Section F, Nov. 4, 1914–March 10, 1915 e.v., Chokmah-day VII.” It appears that Section C in this series was “Liber 415.” Sections D–E are apparently not extant. The date range corresponds roughly with Part I of “Liber 73” as published here. The reference to as the Chokmah-day series itself began on Nov. 3, 1914, unless another series is intended which would have begun around Aug. 17, 1913.

3 [Grk., Thoth.]

4 [This diary was kept in parallel with the present diary; indications of “Op.,” “Opus” or “Operation” followed by a number are usually crossreferences to Crowley’s O.T.O. diary.]

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 Introduction 17

I did also certain Psalms, certain divinations, and have been doing thrice daily the old invocation “Majesty of Godhead de” as in “Liber LXIV.”1

Also on going to bed, I have done dharøna on an imagined figure of Hermes now and again; or the Caduceus.

I have been exercised with regard to the question of the possibility of my attaining the grade of Magus in this life (after all!) and my very blindness and impotence—which are at present considerable—give me hope. I seem to have no creative power, or inspiration. I don’t work at all; I do geomancy on all sorts of things. It’s funny; I don’t feel bad; but there’s something radically wrong in all I do. Is this the Threshold?

Jan. 2, 1915.

I have just done a IX° to become a great Orator, invoked Tahuti, and delivered a sermon to the inhabitants of the Ten Thousand Worlds on the text “Oh my beautiful God! I swim in Thy heart like a trout in the mountain torrent.”2

Jan. 3. 10:30 a.m. Inv.B.

2 p.m. Inv.B. Tried sermon on CCXX II:59. A hopeless failure; broke down in five minutes.

9:30 p.m. Inv.B.

Jan. 4. 9:30 a.m. Inv.B.

2:30 p.m. Inv.B.

11:35 p.m. Inv.B.

Jan. 5. 10:30 [a.m. ] Inv.B.

4:30 p.m. Inv.B.

10:15 p.m. Inv.B followed by dharøna on Caduceus, the W[inged] G[lobe] being in the cerebellum, and the staff in the spine. Not very good, and yet near dhyøna. I got a dhyøna, by the way, a spark of silver 1 [A ritual by Allan Bennett, adapted by Crowley as “Liber Israfel sub figura LXIV”; see Works Cited. His use of this invocation is noted in the diary as “Inv. B.”]

2 [“Liber VII,” V:1.]

18 The Equinox

(left by Hermes, on whose image I was concentrating ere I slept) of extreme brilliance. This seems like the true dhyøna of B. This on Jan. 3 rather late at night. I do not seem to have noted that I brought in the new (vulgar) year by the Thoth invocation followed by Enochian calls, and then the Bornless


What about the breaking up of sleep, general “John. St. John,”2 act? Perhaps I need some such big work to initiate a true Current of Force in this filthy country?

Jan. 6. 10 a.m. (approx.) Inv.B.

6:20 p.m. (approx.) Inv.B.

8:40 p.m. (approx.) Inv.B.

11:35 [p.m.] Dharøna on Caduceus till 12:18 a.m.

Practically one long fight against thinking of the

pole-axings I have had today. But I won in the end.

Jan. 7. 11 a.m. Inv.B.

3:45 p.m. Inv.B.

12:20 a.m. [Jan. 8] Inv.B. Today brought me luck.

S.K. bought books to $100, and actually paid for


4572 col. 170 W. 72nd.3

Jan. 8. 10:45 a.m. Inv.B.

2:10 p.m. Inv.B.

9:00 p.m. (approx.) Inv.B.

Jan. 9. 10:45 a.m. Inv.B.

4:00 p.m. Inv.B.

9:15 p.m. Inv.B.

Jan. 10. 10:45 a.m. Inv.B.

1:30 p.m. Inv.B.

1 [CITE Bornless.]

2 [“Liber 860,” Crowley’s 1908 e.v. diary. See Works Cited.]

3 [Apparently Crowley’s phone number (e.g., Columbia 4572), and the

address of his New York apartment.]

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1915 e.v. 19

11:30 p.m. Inv.B.

Jan. 11. 10:45 a.m. Inv.B.

1:30 p.m. Inv.B.

6:00 p.m. Inv.B.

Jan. 12. 10:45 a.m. Inv.B.

1:30 p.m. Inv.B.

12:30 a.m. (Jan. 13) Inv.B.

Jan. 13. 11:00 a.m. Inv.B.

1:30 p.m. Inv.B.

12:14 a.m. (Jan. 14) Inv.B.

Jan. 14. 10:00. Inv.B.

2:00. Inv.B.

11:20 p.m. Inv.B and performed op[eratio]n

recorded in Rex de arte Regia XXIII.

Jan. 15. 11:00 [a.m.] Inv.B.

4:00 p.m. Inv.B.

8:20 p.m. Inv.B.

9:12. Op. XXIV.

11:20–12:10. Med. [??] with mantra Iczodhehca1 to

aid that Op. XXIV. This, too, to go to sleep.

Jan. 16. 10:35. Inv.B.

6:00. Inv.B.

12:50 a.m. (17th) Inv.B.

Jan. 17. 11:50 a.m. Inv.B.

3:10 p.m. Inv.B.

12:20 a.m. (18th) Inv.B and a little fervent prayer.

Jan. 18. 10:30. Inv.B.

1:20 p.m. Inv.B.

10:45 p.m. Inv.B.

Jan. 19. 10:30. Inv.B.

5:10 p.m. Inv.B.

1 [Enochian, TRANS. and ID.]

20 The Equinox

9:00 p.m. Inv.B.

Jan. 20. 9:20 a.m. (approx.) Inv.B.

8:40 p.m. Inv.B.

11:10 p.m. Inv.B.

Jan. 21. 10:45. Inv.B after L[esser] B[anishing] R[itual]


2:00. Inv.B.

11:55 p.m. Inv.B.

Jan. 22. 10:40. Inv.B after LBR <.

2:30. Inv.B.

9:20. Inv.B after LBR <.

Jan. 23. 10:35. LBR <. Inv.B.

3:20. Inv.B.

8:30. Inv.B.

Jan. 24. 10:50. LBR <. Inv.B.

2:00. Inv.B.

3:20. Inv.B.

Jan. 25. 10:40 a.m. LBR <. Inv.B.

5:55 p.m. Inv.B.

11:50 p.m. Inv.B.

Jan. 26. 10:40 a.m. LBR <. Inv.B.

3:15 p.m. Inv.B.

9:15 p.m. Op. XXVII.

10:13 p.m. Op. XXVIII.

10:25 p.m. Inv.B.

Jan. 27. 10:30 a.m. LBR <. Inv.B.

3:40 p.m. Inv.B.

8:35 p.m. Inv.B.

Jan. 28. 10:40 a.m. LBR <. Inv.B.

3:27 p.m. Inv.B.

Came home late and criminally forgot to invoke Mercury.

Jan. 29. 10:50 a.m. LBR <. Inv.B.

4:05 p.m. Op. XXIX.

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1915 e.v. 21

5:00 p.m. Inv.B.

10:00 p.m. Inv.B.

Jan. 30. 10:55 a.m. LBR <. Inv.B.

3:47. Op. XXX.

4:00 Inv.B.

1:15 a.m. 31st. (Home late.)

Jan. 31. 11:00 LBR <. Inv.B.

3:35 p.m. Inv.B.

9:20. Inv.B.

Feb. 1. 10:50 a.m. LBR <. Inv.B.

2:15 p.m. No B.

Began morphia except night of Jan. 31, with 1/6 gr. Many dreams at first of the annoying type. Afterwards extraordinarily vivid and delightful.

2:25 p.m. 1 gr. opium.

9:45. 1/2 gr. opium.

It is evident that I must go from B to K.

10:30 p.m. Inv.B and IAW. Mantra for solitary IX° work with Juppiter:

Haud secus ac templum spumanti semini vates

Lustrat; dum gaudens accipit amphora aquas;

Sparge, precor, servis hominum rex atque deorum

Juppiter omnipotens, aurea dona, tuis.1

11:40. 1/2 gr. opii.

Feb. 2. 10:30. LBR <. Inv.B.

3:30. Inv. B. 1 gr. opii.

8:55 p.m. 1 gr. opii.

8:55 p.m. Inv.B and IAW.

11:15. 1 gr. op.

1 [A variant of the first hymn (to Juppiter) from the “Holy Hymns to the Great Gods of Heaven”; see p. 291 infra. “And just as when the priest purifies the boy / With foaming seed, while the other rejoicing accepts the waters, / Sprinkle, I pray, Jupiter, king of gods and men, all powerful, / Golden gifts upon thy servant.” NEED TRANSLATION FOR THIS VERSION.]

22 The Equinox

Feb. 3. 10:40. LBR <. Inv. B.

3:40. Inv. B.

10:05. Inv. B.

11:20. 11/2 gr. opii.

11:20. Inv. B [and] IAW.

Feb. 4. 10:35 a.m. LBR <. Inv. B.

11:40. Inv. B.

3:00. Inv. B.

12:00. 1/2 gr. Morf.1 Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 5. 10:30. LBR <. Inv. B.

2:00 p.m. Inv. B.

11:40 p.m. Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 6. 10:55. LBR <. Inv. B.

3:00. Inv. B.

8:20. Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 7. 10:50. LBR <. Inv. B.

4:15. Inv. B.

10:50. Inv. B and IAW.

10:57. Op. XXXI.

Feb. 8. 11:50. Inv. B.

4:15. Inv. B.

5:07. Op. XXXII.

11:20. Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 9. 11:10. Inv. B.

3:05. Inv. B.

12:15 (Feb. 10) Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 10. 11:45. Inv. B.

5:55. Inv. B.

10:50. Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 11. 11:45. Inv. B.

Afternoon. Things interfered. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.2

1 [Morphine.]

2 [Lat., “my mistake, my greatest mistake.”]

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1915 e.v. 23

5:31. Op. XXXIII.

11:25. Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 12. 11:40. Inv. B.

1:00. Inv. B.

12:45 (13th) Inv. B and IAW. (In Body of Light only.)

Feb. 13. 10:40. Inv. B.

5:50. Inv. B.

8:54 p.m. Op. XXXIV.

9:30. Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 14. a.m. in bed after Op. XXXIV and a late supper.

2:30 p.m. Inv. B.

11:15 p.m. Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 15. I had gone to sleep praying for a dream to teach me how to fix the volatile.

I was in a room-square, bare in N.Y. where were 4 or 5 men. The eldest showed me the Book of Galeth (I took this to be in the Bible) and read some curious verses with words strange to me. They sang also, and the senior preached, illustrating his speech by a dying lion—a series of statues reminding one of the dying pig toy which I had noticed on the street a day or so before—in each case the lion was to be turned over onto its back. The theme of the sermon was mostly that “He” Christ or lion or elixir or something must be turned completely over, and must be made very dead indeed. The book was full of promises that he would come back, and he—on the whole—is not wanted back.

In Dream 2 I was wandering from a hotel in a desert place into a sort of Eastern City or bazaar. A boy was clinging to me at first; later a girl. I, on the other hand, merely wanted a Turkish bath. The whole town was part of the bath, but I couldn’t find the hot 24 The Equinox room, and in hunting about I got out again to the sign post where the roads parted just beyond the hotel.

10:50. Inv. B. I must have dreamt it, but I thought I saw the new moon last night, and she was only 12 hours old.

4:20. Inv. B.

10:20 about. Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 16. 10:50 a.m. Inv. B.

2:50. Inv. B.

12:20 a.m. [Feb. 17] Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 17. 10:50 a.m. Inv. B.

4:05. Inv. B.

11:00. Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 18. 10:35. Inv. B.

4:15. Inv. B.

12:10 [Feb. 19] Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 19. 10:30. Inv. B.

5:30. Inv. B.

10:30. Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 20. At docks all a.m.

7:05. Inv. B.

10:40. Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 21. 6:35 a.m. Op. XXXV.

11:35. Inv. B.

3:25. Inv. B.

12:25 [Feb. 22] Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 22. 10:15. Inv. B.

5:10. Inv. B.

11:35. Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 23. 11:00. Inv. B.

4:50. Inv. B.

11:50. Inv. B.

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1915 e.v. 25

Feb. 24. 11:25. Inv. B.

3:05. Inv. B.

12:00. Inv. B and IAW.

Feb. 25. 12:30. Inv. B.

2:35. Inv. B.

12:10 [Feb. 26] Too tired. Apologized.

Feb. 26. 11:39. LBR <. Inv. B.

? Exact hour p.m. Inv. B.

Apologized at night.

Feb. 27. 10:30. Inv. B.

4:20. Inv. B.

12:10. Inv. B (astral).

Feb. 28. 12:40. Inv. B.

2:30. Inv. B.

11:45. Inv. B.

March 1. 10:20. Inv. B.

5:40. Inv. B.

12:00. Inv. B.

March 2. 11:00. Inv. B.

2:30. Inv. B.

Apologized at night.

March 3. 12:00. Inv. B.

2:30. Inv. B.

8:50. Inv. B and Inv. ê for A.V. with Bro. Cullen.

March 4. 11:00. LBR < and Inv. B.

2:55. Op. XXVI.

7:20. Inv. B.

Late at night apologized.

March 5. 10:25. Inv. B.

Out all p.m.

26 The Equinox

March 6. 11:20. Inv. B.

4:05. Inv. B.

8:00 p.m. Kundry’s1 visions after Inv. B.

March 7. 10:00. Inv. B.

? Very busy; probably did invoke.

B once in p.m.

March 8. a.m. apologized.

4:15. Inv. B.

At night more apologies.

March 9. 1:05. Inv. B.

4:00. Inv. B.

Evening ill.

March 10. 12:15. Inv. B.

This all broke down owing to my having to go away to Philadelphia.



1 [ID this mistress from Rex de Arte Regia or Confessions if possible. Is she the streetwalker with the heart of gold?]


8 —


8 —


è + -8– + 8 + 8ø

´ æ ö = 418

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1915 e.v. 27

Part II [fragment]1

[July 1915 e.v. ].

Result: This is one of the greatest experiences of my life. Curious that the 1906 success also came through a magical thanksgiving under stress of passion. I went off to sleep almost at once. In the morning I woke early, before 7, in an absolutely renewed physical condition. I had the clean fresh feeling of a healthy boyhood, and was alert and active as a kitten—post talem mortem!2

Mentally, I woke into Pure Love. This was symbolized as a cube3 of blue-white light like a diamond of the best quality. It was lucid, translucent, self-luminous, and yet not radiating forth. I suppose because there was nothing Else in the Cosmos. This very lobe is intransitive; the love has no object. My gross mind vanished; when, later on, memory pictures of Hilarion arose, they were rejected automatically. All the desire—quality, the clinging, the fear, were no more; it was Pure Love without object or attachment. I cannot describe the quality of the emancipation given by this most wonderful experience. Aum.

1 [Crowley’s diary for mid-March 1915 through mid-June 1916 is lost, if written. Symonds & Grant say Rex de Arte Regia has a gap for June 1915–Feb. 1916. This entry survives as quotations in Crowley’s Confessions, abridged ed., p. 800, and in his commentary to Liber 418. CHECK REX DE ARTE MSS HERE, THIS LOOKS LIKE IT’S FROM THERE.]

2 [TRANS.]

3 I say “a cube”; yet its most salient property was that it was without boundaries. Experience of similar trances is necessary for the understanding of this statement, which is a perfectly proper expression of a perfectly observed fact, despite its intellectual self-contradiction.

28 The Equinox

Part III [fragment]1

Oct. 12 [1915 e.v. ]. 1:05 a.m.

You have awakened my virility, Hilarion,2 to the full; a wonderful and serious event.

I am just come out of a dream. I was supposed to be in the country somewhere proving an alibi, and had stolen up to town for an evening. There were Harré, Raynes [?], somebody I’ve forgotten who lived with Harré, and one or two others. There was you also, but your name was Miss Lelang or Lalaing, and you were a student artist. I think you had gone home early. Anyhow, I too went, not very late, after certain manoeuvres. (? There was some girl there with whom I wanted to be alone, but I can’t remember who, how, or why?)

In any case, I found myself on a grassy hill, which was the west side of the Butte Montmartre, and also a University, and I had to walk round to the south side to get to 56th St. where you lived. For I wished to make a last effort to see you. But I only decided this because I went to sleep “for a moment” on the grass and waking found it was 9:30 a.m. (I wondered why it was so light. The girls were going to market and students to the University and so on.) I had on by this time my blue and gold magic robe, and my C[ambridge] U[niversity] academicals, which I put on over the robe to hide it.

At your home the landlady swore you had gone; but I refused to believe it so silently and so forcefully that she suddenly changed her mind, took me upstairs, and knocked.

You flung the door open. You had a loose nightdress on, and hour hair was down. Your first impulse was to shut the door, but 1 [Crowley’s diary for mid-March 1915 through mid-June 1916 is lost, if written. [Symonds & Grant say Rex de Arte Regia has a gap for June 1915–Feb. 1916. This single entry survives in a holograph notebook at HRHRC, the same notebook that contains the MS of “Holy Hymns.]

2 [Jeanne Robert Foster, the Cat.]

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1915 e.v. 29

you were afraid (I think) and I have little chance for I came in with determination.

On the bed sad Sidney Carlisle (Doris’ worm husband)1 with some thin brown sack-like thing on; under it I could see an enormous F in erection—at least 18 inches long. Behind the door Neuburg, or Lapére, or a mixture of the two, was squatting on the floor.

It was of course evident that you were the last word in horror.

I said “All right; I accept the situation, and I’ll show you.” I caught you in my arms, and we began to dance voluptuously, madly, our mouths locked. S.C. used his F as a violin, with some curious object (I can’t remember exactly what) as a bow, while Neuburg chanted a mantra. The dance god madder and faster.

Bye and Bye I threw you down tempestuously on the bed B, and thrust my head where it is happiest. Then after awhile I came up and began to make love to you in the usual way.

I woke, finding myself about to end, and believing the dream to be true, I summoned all my strength.


1 [Probably Doris Gomez.]




30 The Equinox

Part III 1

June 28, 1916 e.v. die Mercurii. Adams Cottage, Bristol, N.H.

Last night I dreamt that I was divining in re my grade of 9°=2á, and pulled the Deuce of Diamonds. This was not the ordinary Tarot card, but a regular Deuce, only with the two diamonds linked by a stem. The meaning of this card was that I must gain the most complete indifference to pain, my own or another’s.

Else, I suppose, one is bound to a hedonistic outlook.)2 I also dreamt, but less vividly, that the four deuces were a complete synthesis of the powers of the grade. This may have been the result of rationalizing the true dream.

June 28. 7:30 p.m.

Took 200 drops Chocolate base preparation Anh. Lew.3

10:30 p.m.

Awhile ago I had cut down a great tree, whose fork was marvellous like unto the thighs of a Goddess. This I set up upon a stone, and putting another part of the trunk—with a similar but smaller fork—for a Phallus, I did enflame this giant copulation by my magick art. And first the Phallus became as the head of a great serpent, even the eye and ear marked aright, and he visibly taking pleasure in his kisses to that mighty Vulva. Last he fell exhausted, and the head being burnt through, I did then erect the shaft against that mighty Love; then they glowed and flamed right gleefully together; even unto this hour.

June 29, die Jovis. 6 a.m.

At 5 I work and have now broken my fast, etc. The great copulation is still glowing red, the Phallus almost eaten through below the glans, yet still erect and joyous.


2 P.S. March 12, ’17. One cannot act freely as a Magus must if one has this inhibition.

3 [Anhalonium lewinii, WRITE UP. ANNOTATED ELSEWHERE.]

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1916 e.v. 31

Colour-visions few, vague, and not very brilliant; but I had a wonderful dream. I was married to a most seductive girl, but I had come to her with my hands wet with murder. I still see the first, a Siamese boy whom I disembowelled. The whole night was full of the most Sadic adventures. There was also somewhere—I can’t hitch it on right—a skeleton with nasty buttocks which he kissed with; by the laws of the dream one could not avoid him.

July 3.

Finished “De Thaumaturgia.”1

This 9°=2á initiation is sui generis—utterly unlike all others.

For one thing, it takes up one’s whole life.

One is puzzled; because Chokmah is Masloth, right away from planets.

July 4.

Chokmah being 73, one day of this initiation is 73 days.

Thus; leaving England to meeting of Cat and Snake Officers,2

i.e., the preliminary silence and solitude was 73 ´3 days approx. I was with the Cat-Officer 3´73 days; alone again 73´1 day; with the Monkey-Officer 73´1 day; 8 Chokmah-days in all so far.

During this night I had a dream, part of some orgie with a marvellous black woman of some tribe I do not know, part of a future wife—medium brown hair, rather small, compact, very soft, sweet, and absolutely radiating devotion and domesticity. In her arms was a baby; the Lord of the Dream (which was an invoked Dream) told me that this was to come. I should recognize the woman by her modesty, and the simplicity of her love. She is to have money of her own. Well, we’ll see.

July 8.

Tarot for this period following Monkey-Officer 2W between 9W and 7P.

1 [“Liber 633, Concerning the Working of Wonders”; see Works Cited.]


32 The Equinox

Geomancy. Shall I get ample funds for publishing, etc., including living as I like; if so, when? (I did this div. very seriously, giving my reasons for making it.)

G.M. Conjunctio. Total 124.

1. Puella. 2. Carcer. 3. Puer. 4 Laetitia. 5. F. Minor. 6. Caput.

7. Acquis. 8. Puer. 9. Trist. 10. Via. 11. Cauda. 12. Rubeus. T.S.

Conj. J. Via. T.D. Carcer.

Fig. exc. for 4th; bad for 2nd. Time: A solar and four lunar figs. Ans. Yes; before end of 1917.

It came to me some days back—I wickedly did not record it—that a Magus must burn up the whole of his karma. As a M.T. he is all-Receptiveness; as a Magus all-Activity. True, he pours out Himself in a certain mould or form1 according to His Original Nature. But this Nature has been masked by karma. This is symbolized in Liber 418 by the burning of the Book T. to ashes.2 The Qabalah of primes is all utterly unwritten. May the Holy One grant it unto me. TO QRHION. TO MEGA QRHION = 666 = my full name.

Note Star (formed by this name) includes Sephiroth 1–9. The Name has 8 letters between TO and ON.

TO ON = Existence = tat sat. It is a Temurah of MEIQRA GH .3

July 11.

Heard fro S.H. Frater Nemo, 8°=3á, of His attainment of That Grade.4 This removes a bar to my full grade of 9°=2á.

(I had heard before, by wire, on descending from the train at Bristol; but I had a blind fit on.)5

1 See “Liber I,” v. 14.

2 [XREF.]


4 [Crowley refers to Charles Stansfeld Jones (DATES), a Zelator 2°=9·of AßAß to took the Oath of the Abyss on the Summer Solstice.]

5 [Crowley was notified by telegram on DATE, but apparently failed to understand Jones’ somewhat cryptic message.]

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1916 e.v. 33

July 12. 5:00 p.m.

A storm struck the lake; I went out to put my canoe in safety.

Returning, I found a father, mother, and child who had taken refuge under my roof. I was wet through, and went into the Middle Chamber of the cottage to change my clothes. I had just got the clean shirt on, and was stooping for the trousers, when a globe of fire burst a few inches from my right foot. A spark sprang to the middle joint of the middle finger of my left hand.

From this I conclude:

1. The Masters still need me; the Initiation is real. Cf. the fall with my horse on the Burma-China frontier in 1905.

2. I have repeatedly thought that death must be the issue of this initiation. This is then wrong.

It seems to me as if this Initiation were taking place “elsewhere,” i.e., not in my consciousness at all. It is obviously too big for my human consciousness; yet its results must work down through that.

I will write down my woe, that maybe it be thereby alleviated.

… There is nothing in me that corresponds at all to the grade.

There is utter impotence on all planes. This has persisted through the whole period, save for short spells, when I have been more or less normal. But always I slip back into the state for which I find idiocy an adequate and even euphemistic term. I do not in the least fail to understand the grade; I am simply unable to act. It is no good making up my mind to do anything material; for I have no means. But this would vanish if I could make up my mind. I am as it were inhibited from everything. I am tempted for example to crucify a toad, or copulate with a duck, sheep, or goat, or set a house on fire or murder someone with the idea—a perfectly good magical idea, of course—that some supreme violation of all the laws of my being would break my karma, or dissolve the spell that seems to bind me. And I cannot do it, because (chiefly) I have no faith that it would actually do so. T.

Note dream of Feb. 15, 1915, as to “killing the Lion very dead indeed.”1

34 The Equinox

Perhaps I worry too much about “When shall I be free?” Perhaps after having preached to others so much of serpents and humming-birds, I myself may be a castaway! At all events, every species of divination on this matter gives negative results.

July 13, 12:15 a.m.

I omitted a rather important corollary of my Message of yesterday afternoon. It was this: that I ought not to degrade myself by working at anything whatever ut the one thing: to preach my Law, either directly or by Art. In short, no more Vanity Fair, no more Stuart X., no more Miss Adams.1 As Dante said to me at the National Arts Club: “Canst not thou go into the street, and starve?”

July 15

“I waited patiently upon ihvh; and he inclined unto me, and heafd my cry”; ergo, I prayed while I waited. “He brought me up also out of the horrible pit, and out of the miry clay (America?) and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.” Thus both rest and motion are assured. “And hath put a new song in my mouth, even prasie unto our God.” Then I hope I’ll write one.

These versicles came to me while I lit my bonfire—which despite much recent rain went splendidly of itself from the start.

July 16.

Wrote “Good Hunting.”2 (Very vivid dream at night of Fra. F.P., who could speak and hear perfectly.)3

1 [See p. 23.]

1 [After arriving in the United States, Crowley wrote for Vanity Fair, contributed an introduction to a privately-produced work on geopolitics by a Washington, D.C. writer who used the pseudonym Stuart X.

(CITE), and collaborated the the astrologer Evangeline Adams (DATES) on astrological books. Adams owned the cottage Crowley was staying in during this period.]

2 [CITE.]


Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1916 e.v. 35

July 17.

Performed the ceremony of the assumption of the curse of the Grade of Mage. ÇT. B. 1 Record attached.2

0. The Mystery of Conception about 2 a.m.

I. The Mystery of Birth about 6 a.m.

II. The Mystery of Baptism about noon.

III. The Mystery of Worship all day.

IV. The Mystery of Trial 9:00 p.m.

V. The Mystery of Crucifixion 9:30 p.m.

VI. The Mystery of Resurrection and Ascension 9:45.

July 18.

Many strange dreams; but in particular:—I with some friends was visiting a strange Black King who was with a wife and either a child or a second wife, I was on his right hand. Many curious dishes were brought in and eaten, and at last a man baked in a special casserole cut to human shape. He carved me a slice of the hand, which kept the shape of the profile as it lay on the plate. I ate it. It was delicious, simple as mutton, yet as rich as foie gras.

I was wondering how I could get a second helping when I woke up.

July 18. 9:15 p.m.

It has just struck me to set up a figure of the Heavens for the hour when I accepted this grade of 9°=2á.


This is very like the other figures (see Equinox I(10)) with Herschel replacing Neptune.


[corrupted Greek] = 666. Cf. Jones’ motto.

1 [This refers to “Liber 70,” given in full on page 71.]

2 [The record is the summary and schedule of his performance of the ritual as given here.]

3 [The astrological chart does not appear in the typescript, and it is uncertain exactly when he means.]

36 The Equinox

July 19 and 20.

Reading and revising IX° books of O.T.O.; also “The Paris Working.”1

July 20. 11 p.m. die Jovis. Op. XXXVIII. See “Rex de Arte Regia,” vol. III.2

July 22.

In Boston, Mass., U.S.A. Mercury on the spot; I had $30 stolen.

July 23.

Op. XXXIX. Following this, a solar dhyøna began, but was transient, and pra¬ava failed to hold it. I was very tired.

July 24.

Returned to Adams Cottage.

July 25.

Very tired swimming, etc. At night tried 4 Myriam Deroxe3 pills (1 c.g. Morphia; 1 c.g. Opium; 1 c.g. Sparteine.) Nothing!

July 26.

Worked nearly all day on “Adams Cryptogram.” Later carved in wood with scanty instruments, but with much labour and joy, a Phallic fetish, capable of serving as a dildo, and that either single or double. Now 10:40 p.m. I am about to write a Thelema tract.

P.S. Did so; “The Law of Liberty.”4

July 28.

The planet Mercury is the moon, or feminine image, of the Sun.

5:50 p.m.

Took 400 drops Anh. Lew. Chocolate base.

1 [XREF.]

2 [CITE MRB666.]

3 [ID Myriam Deroxe.]

4 [CITE.]

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1916 e.v. 37

6:15. Eyes dilated; rather dazed and excited. Also yawning.

7:35. Have been writing letters, etc. Effects apparently all passed off.

7:45. Find myself highly amused, but complaining that A.L. is a fraud. Dear old symptom!

7:55. (Entry with regard to VII° O.T.O., censored.)

8:15. There is some slight mental disturbance of the “analytical” sort; one “reasons out loud” over trivial things.

8:25. It takes pleasure in every trifle; and, asked to think of those things which usually distress it, dismisses them, like Jesus, with a jest.

8:55. Distinct tendency to excitement of aha®køra—silly personal pride in one’s knowledge of Greek, one’s height, etc.—all exaggerated very much indeed. E.g., I wished I had my Hebrew and Greek Bible, so as to write my article against Shaw,1 and at once painted a fancy picture of myself as the ripe scholar and theologian, half partriarch, half don!!!

11:50. Quite normal. Re AßAß (for one who was not of us), what a plot for Balzac—the rising from grade to grade amid fearful dangers, etc., and winning out—becoming equal to Buddha and Jesus and the rest—and that being the horror of Great Falsehood!

July 29. 1:07 a.m.

I perceive the use of the knife—not to divide, but to fashion things into beauty from shapelessness. Cut not to destroy, but to create. This is of the most supreme importance; see my notes to the Third Æthyr.2

1 [Liber 888, Jesus: The Gospel According to Bernard Shaw. See The Equinox III(2); see Works Cited.]

300 70 40 9 = 419

100 1

38 The Equinox

(This is another attempt to fix the Name “foursquare, mystic,

wonderful”. Ed.)1

9:30 a.m.

Work at 8 after probably 5 1/2 hours sleep. Long dreams of war and adventure, very vivid.

Dose evidently inadequate to my exalted Grade!

My eyes are tired—but then I’ve been cooking over a wood fire in the open; I worke exceptionally active and energetic.

[…] p.m.

Quite normal all day. Heard that the Monkey-Officer had miscarried (on July 12). Asked Tarot if I should go on with the affair; got 5W. with 2W. and Taurus next it, and Scorpio and Libra afar.

July 30.

Wrote “Filo de Se,”2 and went on carving and painting fetishes.

Aug. 1

Wrote pamphlet on material advantages of O.T.O.3

Aug. 2.

Wrote long letter to S.H. Fra. O.I.V.V.I.O., mostly on sex.

Aug. 3.

Quiller editing Golden Rose.4 Op. XL.

2 [XREF.]

10 50

8 70 3 5 = 86

= =

418 65

1 [CITE. “Ed.” is Crowley acting as his own editor.]

2 [CITE.]

3 [CITE.]

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1916 e.v. 39

Aug. 4.

Canoeing and swimming all day. Wrote “Black and Silver.” A thrush came into the cottage.

Aug. 5.

I caught the thrush, but it escaped later, though I tried to tame it.

Later still, I found a snake in the woods, but filaed to kill it.

Writing all day “An Epistle to Parzival, etc., instructions for extending the Law.”1

Aug. 6. 12:55 a.m.

Woke after dreaming twice that M.O.H.2 was dead. A close horrible night; lightning and low booming thunder. M.O.H. is the only thing I have of value; I am not happy. She hasn’t written all the week; and I know she hasn’t been well. I suppose it’s only a mixture of the thunder, the extreme mental fatigue and eyestrain, and possibly my new Corned Beef Croquettes. I cannot have been asleep long; and hour at most; though it had been all night; could hardly believe combined evidence of clocks and murk.

Aug. 6. 6:45 p.m.

All day editing Golden Rose. Took 400 drops new A.L. preparation as before, but will drink wine to aid it.

Aug. 7.

Nothing at all came of this except “bien-être,”3 especially this day following. All a.m. dictated Shaw article. I note 15th Æthyr gives rules for work of a Magus.4

4 [CITE. Quiller was one of Crowley’s many literary pseudonymns.]

1 [CITE Liber 300.]

2 [Mother of Heaven, i.e. Leila Waddell. ID WADDELL.]

3 [TRANS.]

4 [XREF.]

40 The Equinox

Aug. 8, 9, 10.

At Shaw article all the time.

Aug. 11.

It is rather amusing after Op. of July 17 that I have now a stenographer exactly like a frog to assist me in the ceremonial slaying of Jesus in the Shaw article.

Aug. 14.

Back from Boston, and Ops. XLI–XLIII.

There is a most mysterious emptiness in the cottage. I have pointedly done all the familiar things; but it still all in vain. Nothing is changed, yet all is changed. It is as if a great banishing had been performed, but not by me. Is this the preparation for a New Current? The Rota gives AP between Libra and KtP, distant 2W. and PsS.

Thelema books give “Thou was like a flake of snow falling in the pine-clad woods,” which refers to Virgo, as to PsS. Am I to meet The Girl?

Aug. 15.

Last night wrote the O.T.O. “Ya Sin.”1 Now at Shaw article again.

1 Letter to Anna Wright and her Companions. [“Liber 106, On Death.” WHAT ON EARTH IS YA SIN, HEBREW FOR LAST RITES?]

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1916 e.v. 41

Aug. 16.

Made preliminary experiment with Ether.

Aug. 17.

Still at Shaw.

Aug. 19.

Getting Shaw article well started. Done some 25,000 words so far. Last night and this a.m. wrote “Epistle to Prof. L.B.K.”1

Tried Ether again. Opn. XLIV.

Aug. 21.

An amazing discovery. The Operations to have a child by Hilarion, July 8, 1915 on, seven in all, and one upon Helen Westley, ended Sept. 12 and Sept 16 with 3 Operations at beginning and end of catamenia. These Operations are described as particularly good. On Sept. 23, the Word of the Equinox was nebulae; i.e. the Babe of an Universe—as I now see. this Eq[uino]x the Word is sol-om-on, the child of David’s adultery.

Now O.I.V.V.I.O. was born June 21, exactly nine months after the Libra Equinox.2 On conclusion of Equinox ceremony Hilarion had seduced me; and I had concentrated on the Word just obtained. It is really very remarkable that I did no Operation for a child after this Sept 12–16. We were at Vancouver3 on Oct.

19, I two or three days earlier. It is to be noted, too, that Hilarion was the perfect Scarlet Woman as described in CCXX III:44. Then O.I.V.V.I.O. may be the Child coming “from no expected house”,4 since I always thought of a material baby, and never tried for a spiritual son (CCXX III:47) and yet the child of my bowels,5 since O.I.V.V.I.O. has Sagittary on the Ascendant, and Sagittary is on the cusp of my 6th House (Virgo, the bowels) and also because I did the IX° Operations for him, upon the 1 [ID Prof. Keasbey, CITE.]

2 [That is, born as a Babe of the Abyss.]

3 [Where Fra. O.I.V.V.I.O. lived.]

4 [CITE.]

5 [CITE.]

42 The Equinox

body of Hilarion. He may be “mightier than all the kings of the Earth”1 because cast out into Malkuth.2 I woke up with these ideas in my head about 3:40 this a.m. Note, too, the dreams of Sept. 20–21, Hilarion as a Titan woman on whom I performed IX° fully. In this dream I was more than half awake. Note, too, the triple dream of three consecutive sleeps in two days immediately following that Equinox Ceremony; these were all of royalty.

All day writing and thinking out the chronology of the Initiation to Magus. The crises at the dawn of a Chokmah-day are amazing.

1 [CITE.]

2 See his record. [See CITE; also CITE PART TWO, EQ. III(2).]

The Nativity of O.I.V.V.I.O.

Vancouver B.C. June 21, ’16 e.v. 10 p.m.

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1916 e.v. 43

Aug. 22. 8:05 p.m.

Tarot; what shall I do tonight? Pisces with AC and 10W; distant PW and Jupiter. Nothing came of it; I merely revised Syllabus of Sacred Books.1

Aug. 23.

Note that this long solitude has developed my physical clairvoyance to its old pitch; I can tell the suit of a card, and usually whether it is high or low; right nearly every time.

I want, too, to place on record my certainty that all my failures came from abandoning my magick formula—of the moment—as I do now and again in deference to “rational” considerations.

7:35 p.m.

I have been sucking up to the vapour of Ether for a few moments, and all common things are touched with beauty. So, too, with opium and cocaine, calm, peace, happiness, without special object, result from a few minutes of those drugs. What clearer proof that all depends on state of mind, that it is foolish to alter externals. A million spent on objets d’art would not have made this room as beautiful as it is just now—and there is not one beautiful thing in it, except myself. Man is only a little lower than the angels; one step, and all glory is ours!


More Ether: a delightful case of the “a” state caught for once. I started to think I would write an article urging men to Yoga by above arguments. Next, I would write a beautiful article. Next: the tragedy of it is that I shall merely have written one more beautiful thing! I then cried “O God!”, recognizing the state of “deep calling unto deep!” There were some physical futilities—tapping—starting to play Patience—then Science won, and I jumpted up to write this down. The “a” state is very active; e.g., 1 [CITE EQ. III(1) VERSION.]

44 The Equinox the antithesis in the above sentence between “up” and “down”

excites all sorts of ideas.


And more.

There is a state of (visualized) mind which I’ve been calling the Ultimate samødhi—in this state! nothingness with twinkles.1

It appears that will and memory are exceptionally good under Ether; but I am taking the drug in an unusual way, the active nostril to the can, and it may be the usual business of stimulation and exhaustion and that I experience my present advantages owing to my being new to Ether. Or of course it may be specially suited to me physiologically—though I remember this hypothesis when I began most other drugs!


Soon I got

“Nothingness with twinkles— but what twinkles!” and now I find all that merely physical. It’s the old resolution of splendour into Bliss.2

Ether-states are, as science says, ephemeral; so are all drugstates; it’s an instability. Time flies fast, though. I note that toleration of the sharpness of the smell of the ether is acquired gradually.

Hence one should allow 3 hours or so to get honestly drunk, taking an easy curve.

Aug. 24.

At Shaw again. Read The Way of All Flesh.3

Aug. 25. 5:12 p.m.

More Ether. I come to the solution of an old problem through mathematics. I begin by trying to help the whores off Broadway.

1 [This passage describes what Crowley would later term “The Star-Sponge Vision”; it is cited frequently in his commentaries to Liber AL and elsewhere.]

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1916 e.v. 45

“You’ll be able to get ether quite easily, and it’s just as good as cocaine, only it takes a few minutes longer to work—and what’s a few minutes in a matter like that?” Now I got the idea of the interrelation of small cycles and the apparent independence of large ones. Thus you spend your life like Darwin or like Gilles de Rais—a mere fraction of a revolution of Neptune includes it. Then I saw that all things in time are interdependent, and that what is always is, because 1 and 1022 are after all relatives.

6 p.m.

Op. XLV.

9:20 p.m.

If I am ever caught in an error, I shall excuse myself by saying that I did not mean what I said, but that “I have often thought that there is not enough talking done in the world, and I wished to make discussion.”

The above appears to me one of the funniest things ever said.

2 [A fragment among Crowley’s papers (Warburg Institute) entitled “Platitudes” relates to the Star-Sponge vision (and, most likely, ether):

“(Star-Sponge,—where it is recognized as being the nervous system.)

“Start with anything. Begin to make magical discoveries about it. Go through a whole series of experiences each of which is an explosively joyous samødhi. You soar from height to height until you come out at the final disclosure, which you hasten to put into words. Having done so, you ercognize that these words are a platitude. At first you have the horrible sensation of being completely fooled, but by concentrating on this idea you perceive with great joy the true nature of the platitude, which is the sum of human wisdom on that particular subject. And what you have done in the course of the whole series of meditations which have ended in this way, is to have retraced the whole superb course of human thought on this line.”] 3 [A novel by the younger Samuel Butler (DATES); see Works Cited.] 46 The Equinox

Aug. 27.

More Shaw yesterday; fagged by week’s work. Read Frazer’s Dying God,1 and worked on Shaw. 4 M.D. pills at night—nothing much but considerations for “Liber LXX.”2

Aug. 30.

Have done a lot more Shaw, and started a series of short stories based on folklore.3 Wrote “The Priest of Nemi” all today, 4400 words.

Aug. 31.

All day at Shaw and “Mass of St. Secaire.”

Sept. 1.

Finished “St. Secaire” and St. Bernard Shaw too, thank Hermes!

Sept. 2.

Wrote “The Burning of Melcarth.”

Sept. 3.

At the “Corycian Cave” yarn.

10:30 p.m.


Sept. 4.

Finished “Corycian Cave.”

Sept. 6.

Beginning “The Priestess of Cybele.”



3 [These became Golden Twigs, some of which were published in The International in DATE. The collected stories were published posthumously; see Works Cited. Except for St. Bernard Shaw, the titles written from Aug. 30–Sept. 14 are in this series.]

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1916 e.v. 47

In these months of loneliness those women only attract whom I have half-finished: Anny Ringler, Myriam Deroxe, Doris Gomez.

To keep a woman forever, get thoroughly excited, then quit.


An experiment with ether has been in progress. I have just seen (!!!!!!!!) the difference between the Holy Guardian Angel of Abramelin and such “material” visions, and all interior illumination whatever. The former gives proof to the man as man of a celestial hierarchy; it relieves him of his main fear—materialism itself. Hence mysticism is no good to convince people—in comparison with magick, You must argue with the man you arguing with; mysticism is like making him drunk.


I now see why the Buddha said: “Don’t fight error; preach the Good Law!” Too much error to fight! Dissipating energies! Even Christianity is hardly worth fighting; so many atheists are shocked if one does! Therefore: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. and nothing else.


I find ether has a curious effect apparently on the solar plexus; hard to describe. It seems almost as if it were a nervous spasm of sorts, in a very mild way.

Sept. 7.

Finished “The Stone of Cybele.” Letter from Myriam in N.Y. She wrote about Aug. 27. Op. XLVII.

Sept. 8.

Diarrhoea and headache. Half asleep nearly all day. p.m. began

“The God of Ibreez.”

48 The Equinox

Sept. 9.

Finished “The God of Ibreez.” And very nearly finished Aleister Crowley!

Sept. 10–11.

Wrote “The Old Man of the Peepul-tree.”

Sept. 12.

Woke after the hideous nightmare that I call the “Mislaid MSS.”

It may have been too much Chianti, or too many Page and Shaw candies; I have applied the old-fashioned but well-tried and never-failing method—cold pork chops and hot chocolate. There were stories and plays—more wonderful than anything ever— and the MSS. were I didn’t know quite where, and I couldn’t quite remember the names and contents of the MSS. But they had that rich flavour that MSS. only have in dream.


Slept again several times. The same dream went on, this time with printed Thelema books, and then another small book of about that size, but full of dozens of weird novelettes and essays and dialogues.

Sept. 13.

Writing “The Hearth.” Note on pratyøhøra. What people miss is the a yogin can get as much fun out of swinging his leg as a Western millionaire out of his first season in New York. This ought to be worked up for propaganda purposes. (Need I say above means ether?)



Sept. 14.

I continue “The Hearth.”

Why I really envy God. He knows all the follies of humanity; so he must laugh a million times as much as I, who only contemplate my visit to a town where I cannot get a glass of beer, and Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1916 e.v. 49

where the chemist hesitates before adding a teaspoonful of alcohol to a tooth-wash, but sells me a pound can of ether without a wink.


Finished “The Hearth.”

Sept. 15.

Professor L. M. Keasbey, of the University of Texas, here on a visit to me.

At night I was being nightmared, a railway line with vast trains running over me in all directions, lots of narrow escapes.

Woke with a burst in the brain, very loud. this might make a new story for Golden Twigs, “The Iron Age,” which should connect the oppression of humanity with the use of coal and iron.

Sept. 16, 17, 18.

Talking to Keasbey.

It appears as if this were the Word awaited. I am to go to Texas on Nov. 4, and start there O.T.O. there.1

Sept. 19.

Merely reading Frazer’s Taboo, etc.2

Sept. 20.

Ether. It is impossible to make a tragedy of a man’s leaving his wife; because woman don’t count. They only exist insofar as they seduce or otherwise destroy men. A deserted woman may be comic or pathetic; never tragic.3

(And then I went to sleep. I’m in deep reaction after the heavy work of the last six weeks.)

1 P.S. Events were too strong for Keasbey, who got obsessed. [Soon after visiting Crowley, Keasbey was dismissed from the institutional history chair at the University of Texas at Austin. A few years later he converted to Roman Catholicism, and died soon thereafter.]

2 [CITE.]

50 The Equinox

Sept. 22. 9:15 p.m.

The ceremony of the Equinox has been performed, the Word “sagittae ” coming (by my clock) at 9:05. It may be a litle fast or slow. However, call it 9:23:00, Gemini rising. Op. XLIX.

I perceive that the Word lies latent in the s…n of a Magus, and being placed in the mouth of the Victim, becomes a Word.

Hence ritual rubric. The Operation was extremely good in the magical sense. I trust Sagittae refers to “The Paris Working”— arrows shot in the war against the Slave-gods. The Thelema divination is “O thou delicious God, smile sinister!”,1 a Phallic reference.

A geomantic divination gave Amissio for G.M. 100 for total.

1. F. Minor. 2. Acq. 3. Cauda. 4. albus. 5. Amissio. 6. Populus. 7.

F. Minor. 8. Pop. 9. Amiss. 10. Alb. 11. Acq. 12. Cauda.

Sept. 23.

I find MITOS to be the Orphic word for S…. Hence Baphomet means evidently the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Phanes = the Shining One, Augoeides, in Orphic; he is the bisexual Phallic god.

Revised The Gospel according to Saint Bernard Shaw.

Have been continuing Frazer, and started Jung’s Psychology of the Unconscious.

Sept. 24.

Last night, wakefulness, followed by disturbed dreams. Jung had stimulated me. I remembered my three dream-places; I have not thought of them for years.

1. The town rather like Cambridge, but with some continental touches. There is a street like the way down 3 P.S. Note how hard Balzac tried to make the Baronne Hulot d’Ervy tragic; at the last he had to give it up, and put the cap on with the georgeously comic episode of finding her husband, over 80, in bed with an ugly and stupid servant-girl, whom he marries after the shock has killed the wife.

1 VII III:47.

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1916 e.v. 51

Garret Hostel Lane, but with old wooden hosues, in one of which lives a sluttish but very fascinating servant-girl. In this town is also a hill covered with cottages, full of slaveys and low whores, who all accept me in a luscious vicious way.

2. the Hacienda, a few miles beyond a Mexican town, where I have sex-adventuers with the “owneress.”

3. The caverns in Cairo. A secret door leads to an underground bazaar, full of devotees of every fiendish vice.

I was also sexually excited by a wire to say that Gerda was coming.)1

I think I can see a way to get samødhi easily by certain applications of Jung’s theories.

Sept. 25. 10:30 p.m.

Op. L.

Sept. 27. 12:30 a.m.

Op. LI. This during mild ether experiment. I note that intellect is a detached phenomenon, a mere excrescence in the soul. It is the personality, and the tendencies, which are made manifest by drugs.

Sept. 29. 1:20 a.m.

Op. LII.

8:25 p.m.


Sept. 30.

As often remarked previously, one cannot work at all with women in the house. In future I will never have anything but a bedder aspectu horribilis.2 So help me God.

1 [ID Gerda von Kothek.]

2 [TRANS.]

52 The Equinox

11:45 p.m.

Op. LIV.

Oct. 3. 12:35 a.m.

Op. LV.

I note the period March 29 to Aug. 22 as that in Egyptian rituals where one has a lot of small gods in the pylons. So here I had officers monkey, rat, owl, frog, and ram. These will presumably dovetail to prepare the next period.

Oct. 4. 4:35 p.m.

Op. LVI.

Oct. 6.

Devised constitutional government for O.T.O.1

Oct. 7. 12:45 a.m.


Oct. 9. 12:30 a.m.

Op. LIX. A restless night full of ideas, especially “The Dwarf,” a story or play of Rabelais type on Jung’s theories. ……

About a week ago Gerda took Elixir, and had a non-elixir vision. Monks in brown robes and hoods go up a green hill, with misty top, in an endless line. They wear rings with a red cross within a gold triangle. This was on Thursday. On Friday I went myself to see the top of the hill. There was a great cross with three rings, and an open sarcophagus in front. Saturday, Gerda succeeded in reaching the top, and saw, without having been told of my vision, a cross with a sun on it and a heap of stones in front.

Sunday, she went again, and found the cross black and mouldering; in front, a bowl in the earth with fire in it, burning the stones to ashes. The monks have throughout had their faces covered with their hands.


Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1916 e.v. 53

The symbols are remarkable as being formulæ of Adept Minor, Magister Templi and Magus.

On Monday she started to pull my poor leg by copying Hebrew from Equinox, and offering it as evidential. My attitude seems to have discouraged her in this career of infamy.

I note that a fortnight has elapsed since the girls came; seems like three days. Who lives alone lives long.

Lodges, profess-houses, etc., should always be oriented to Boleskine. Made notes about government of O.T.O.

Oct. 12. 7:45 a.m.

Op. LX. Holiness to the lord.

Oct. 14. 1:20 a.m.

Op. LXI.

Oct. 15.

Sudden fever yesterday. Better today.

Oct. 16.

To Potter’s Place, through getting in wrong train.

Oct. 17.

To New York.

Nov. 1 to Dec. 9.

In N.Y.; a.m. of Dec. 9. arr. New Orleans for a G.M.R.

Dec. 10.

Op. LXXXI, dedicating myself anew to Thoth.

Dec. 11.


Dec. 13.


54 The Equinox

Dec. 15.

Twice recently the Lord has showed me signal favour, by sending a sufficient sum of money when I was within a dollar or so of actual starvation. It is really very kind of Him, and I am aware that this is the usual practice in such cases, but I have had about ten years of it, and “I’m through.” I don’t care what the practice is; my faith is in perfect working order; I enjoy the Beatific Vision practically without cessation; I’m not complaining. I’m merely going on strike. For my power to work is being hampered exceedingly by the constant worries about things like stenographers and printers. The Book of the Law is quite clear; we are to have a good time in the ordinary sense of the word. And if the Book is wrong, then the whole question lapses. Georgie, the negro maid, came in this morning; I said I was annoyed because I had to go out to get a registered letter. She said that she didn’t have to go out if she didn’t want to; the madam could go out herself. Am I to be taught the simplest elements by Georgie? Yea, verily, and Amen!

I therefore down tools until I have (1) a competent stenographer (2) money enough in hand to see me comfortably through until the Equinox of Spring, this to include payment of all American liabilities and clothes (3) a guarantee—by some signal sign or in some more practical manner—that all will be well in future. I intend to interpret this in the most liberal way; and shall add to it this fourth demand (4) means of publishing immediately all MSS. except those destined for Equinox III.

This strike is to include all work for O.T.O. as well as AßAß. I shall not inform the Brethren of my decision; if the Gods can keep silence, so can I. If I can’t, I’ll learn how.

Dec. 16.

I voice this complaint under Ether, taken with purely vicious purpose. Yet thoughts turn to old ways malgre moi, and I get “There is the swordsman waiting to spring into the saddle.”1

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1916 e.v. 55

Dec. 20.

There is a peculiar attitude of mind which perceives all things, irrespective of their nature, to be beautiful. E.g., how glorious to have a really free nostril!!!!

Now this idea is of a quite distinct order of idea from the ……..? Who classes ideas?1

Dec. 22.

Monkey-Officer wires passionate appeal to me to come to New York for Christmas.

Dec. 23.

Ether. The bride had picked up a book at random from the shelves of the Hotel. “Two parts of Hydrogen combine with one of Oxygen,” she read, “to form water.” “The acceleration due to gravitation is 32 feet per second.” “The beast!” she cried; “he does not understand Love!” The above is a parable for 9°=2ás, in staircases. But—which side are you on; and why?

Dec. 23–24; midnight.

I rise to record that for two days past I have had the premonition of great things impending.

Dec. 26.

Long curious dream last night. I was a priest of the Jesuit type in a profess-house or college of some kind. Edward VII came into the dream and figured prominently for some time, a long time.

1 P.S. This journey to New Orleans was a desperate magical effort. I started with only $40 besides my fare. I did this because all sorts of obstacles seemed to be barring my journey to Texas, and, though I could hardly go to Texas without due invitation, I tought I would get near enough to defy Fate, as it were. I did this quite against my obvious interests of the material order. T. 14/3/17.

1 P.S. I wish the AßAß would grant the Workman’s demands.

56 The Equinox

His first appearance was jumping from a balcony 5 ft. 6 in. high;

I went to help him up.

9:54 p.m.

Ether. “Here is a Magus assuming that the whole fabric of the universe ought to coincide with his psychology. Which is absurd.” The perception that it is absurd is a perception belonging to a low and limited order of brain.

Note. Under Ether I always get this question of strata of thought. I do hope something will come of it—creative work.

To explain above I must say that I was arguing with the other

Masters about finance, expecting them to foresee all and provide.

I saw the rationalist objection, and the answer to it. We do assume a great mind capable of attending to everything at once, and dovetailing it. A rationalist could never conceive of a man playing chess, whose moves are certainly ordered by intelligence, however much that intelligence may be conditioned by prior


Therefore, I believe nothing. But I know this; that I have been dealing with intelligences as far superior to my own as mine is to Hereward Carrington’s—I say an extreme thing!—and I shall continue to strike with confidence that I am not fighting the air, but pitting myself against Those whose only folly seems to be that

They called me Wise.

This is the Eleventh day of the Strike.1


What is man? A soap-bubble blown by a spermatozoon.


Yet every act we do, however foolish or futile, goes branching on for eternity—an infinite heritage.

1 P.S. 14/3/17. Without animism, one might argue that as some things are causally connected directly, [all] things are so ultimately, and that therefore it is not irrational to expect that the condition of a mind should coincide with the whole structure of the Universe.

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1916–1917 e.v. 57

(The 10:25 remark was not purely sarcastic; it meant that man with all his diseases, etc., was implicit in the spermatozoon.)


Have just passed through an Ordeal. Can’t explain—take years.

General idea—“Damn it—what’s anything worth without money?” Cry of Magus “I refuse.” Keen sense of ridicule of the priggishness of it all, then and now. But a real sense of the choice between superficial and true things.

I’m inclined to think that the back of the Strike is broken.

The shame is on Them if I starve.

However, bother details. The point in above record is that the “I refuse” rang out clear and true above all the jarring sounds (Tennyson). It really was a test, and therion won.

Dec. 27.

Another long dream of being entertained at some American club.

The Kaiser came into it, but very vaguely. I am now going to start Work again, with absolutely no resources. I have not even proper paper or money to buy it. Total cash in hand 70 cents.

Dec. 28.

Last night yet a third dream involving royalty, I forget how.

Dec. 29.

Another dream; this time I was a boy, and present at the death of Queen Victoria.

Jan. 13 [1917 e.v. ].

A leter from Dr. A.K. Coomaraswamy1 (the Worm) in re The Path. Replied to it.2

I note, with all stimulant drugs, that if one is with others, the force is entirely dissipated, usually on the sex-plane. If one is

1 [BIO.]

2 P.S. This correspondence ended in the discovery of the Worm as a Black Brother; it has been very useful to have the type to study.

58 The Equinox

alone, one becomes creative at once. This is important, as establishing the ku¬‹alin¥ doctrine, with its upper and lower exits. It does not bear, however, on the doctrine of abstinence from sex; for in normal excitement the sex seems to stimulate the other creative power.

Jan. 14. 1:30 a.m.

Just finished writing lecture1 for II° on government of O.T.O.2

Jan. 15.

Began Simon Iff novel.3

Note that we naturally and inevitably divide women into chaste and unchaste; thereby subconsciously affirming that C. is the only important thing about them.

Jan. 19.

I have been getting the Tao more and more every day for a week; and I have a completely original idea for a game of cards ……

Jan. 31.


Feb. 1.

I’ve been thinking that I should have paid more attention to climate. Damp but soft airs always breed the Taoist passive-love type of mysticism. I must arrange to include this in my curriculum; it should help folk.4

Mem[orandum]. I note Taoists also insist a good deal on respiration-work, not quite ordinary prø¬øyøma. I think I will find out the best drugs to reduce the rate of breathing, and get hold of that end of the stick, as Fra. I.A.5 used to say, once more.

1 [CITE 194.]

2 P.S. 14/3/17. Note that during this period 6 Simon Iff stories, nearly 50,000 words, 3 other short stories, an essay, and several minor things had been written. This enabled the other masters to have a good laugh at Therion for saying that his work was being hampered.

3 [Moonchild (Liber 81). See Works Cited.]

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1916–1917 e.v. 59

Feb. 2.

My 21/4 years’ work crowned with success; U.S.A. breaks off relations with Germany.1

Feb. 9.

Arrived at Titusville, Florida.

March 5.


March 6.

Threatened severe frost. I averted same, to repay my cousin2 for his hospitality. The Op. was very remarkable. I went out at noon, in bitter cold and high wind; and I willed. I then slept very deeply for three hours, and woke in still, warm weather, with the sun shining. The forecasts had given several days of cold; and forecasts in America are very different to those in England; they rarely go wrong.


4 P.S. Taoism sprang in the Yangtze delta, did it not? Buddhism certainly in the Ganges valley; Christianity was invented mostly at Alexandria; that is, the languid mystic bits were surely added in the Nile Delta; Sufism comes from the valleys of the Euphrates and Tigris; Mormonism was invented in the Mississippi valley. The Law was given at Cairo, in the Nile Delta. This ought to be worked up, with a great deal of pains, comparing the differences with those religions which have sprung up on heights, and in plains.

5 [Allan Bennett, IDENTIFY.]

1 [Crowley is referring to his work for the pro-German publication The Fatherland, which he always said was a disinformation campaign, while his critics called him a traitor to England. This diary entry confirms Crowley’s position.]

2 [Lawrence Bishop.]

60 The Equinox

Part IV1

An. xiii Sol in Aries. [March 21, 1917 e.v. ]

The last few days of the last Equinox have been devoted to the conclusion of various affairs, the revision and edition of ecclesiæ gnosticæ catholicæ canon missæ,2 and so on, with the resumption of my Simon Iff novel.3

There were several serious obstacles to the due performance of the Ceremony of the Equinox; but I overcame them, and at about 10 p.m. on this day of Jupiter obtained the Word for the next six months.


The Message in Thelema is this LXV V:24. “Also thou art beyond the stabilities of Being and of Consciousness and of Bliss; for I am thou, and the Pillar is ’stablished in the void.” The Tarot gives as a symbol PsS between 6W and 7C (K in E and D in N, Victory and Illusionary Success) distrust the Emperor, to whom she looks, and PC looking away from her. This girl also suggest the “Brown Girl” in the dream of last summer; but also all promises well for my affairs.

March 23, 1917 e.v.

I wonder if it be true, as often asserted, that Genius is the final flower of a graft. If so the S[eme]n of a genius is really worthless; and he is therefore justified in throwing it about as he does.

“The Master of the House is one who does not care to hear disputes.”

It is absolutely impossible to convey the profundity of this thought. It began thus. “Instead of having the (exciting) time I am now having, I might have been asleep, if it had not occurred to me to etc.” This was answered by a deterministic fellow; he by a freewill fiend; and so on. Then I came and said “Damn it all, what’s

1 [From the holograph manuscript notebook, Warburg Institute.]

2 [CITE.]

3 [CITE Moonchild.]

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1917 e.v. 61

this noise in my house?” It’s the same as the “beyond the Abyss” doctrine; but in terms of psychological experience.

March 29, die K.

I have been finishing my long novel, rounding up things generally.

A new and powerful impulse arrived last night, a letter from Fiat Pax.1 The Stupids have misunderstood my whole attitude, and raised trouble. Now I go direct to Washington to straighten this out; if I fail this time to get them to listen to sense, at least I can go to Canada and force them to arrest me. My hand is therefore at last upon the lever.

Left Titusville 8:03 a.m. this morning.

April 21.

I seem to have nothing to record but dreams. Magical work is utterly impossible in N.Y. City. But this dream is quite unique in my life. I went to Egypt, to some excavations. In a chamber of a ruined temple sat a man named R.C.D. Balfour-Campbell (!) who knew Battiscombe Gunn.2 Then suddenly I had some power given me by a god named Tef-Gu, or some similar name; I’m sure of the Tef and that it was not Tef-nut. We were moved on in some procession by another god, and Campbell preceded me in a space between wall and table. I felt myself “lost” if I went on; my only chance was to protest instantly; I exerted my whole will and retraced my step, to the utter amazement of the shepherding god, who said “But you can’t” as who should say “2 plus 2 must make 4.” The reset I forget. But two days later I am still wondering about this dream, almost all the time. The dream was on the night of dies Juppiter 19 April.

April 22.

The body is cautious—fire, etc.—because its heredity has so taught it. (Possibly man the animal becomes more cowardly every generation. Think of the primitive man hunting the aurochs—and the modern American!) But soul has no fear, nor


2 [ID Gunn.]

62 The Equinox

can have. Therefore a man’s courage depends on the quantity of soul available. So the most spiritual men are the most courageous.

(Language confirms: “spirited.”)


I have been doubting of late. Events have been terrible—hopeless. Now I came in meditation to a thought concerning Mercury as an healer—and I laughed, crying “But I am Mercury! Mercurius sum!” With this came a flash that something more was meant. The ecstasy gave place to a rapid calculation; and lo! JErmh” eijmi = 418.


It was an error to proceed. I wanted the Highest—the Knowledge and Conversation of my Holy Guardian Angel—I said “Let me not etc. let from the illusions.” Then said mine Holy Guardian Angel unto me: “You’ve had the Vision of the Universal Beauty—and what good has it done you?” I am still frustrated by this supreme skepticism from that Supreme Quarter. I must simply go on—down the Precipice!


I have an idea for a story of an old English lady who notices eyeholes in a skull as offering no resistance to a narrow sharp instrument, and then kills a Prussian with her crochet-hook in the same way.


The answer to the 1:05 question is that I am the Universal Beauty—and I know it. Alas, I am this, that—everything. The “I am I” formula is not merely “wicked,” it’s the Restriction of the Predicate that makes it so idiotic. The Word of Sin is Restriction.

1 Any time you think you are not any thing, that’s restriction.

This is the same as the “duality” argument, put another way. O how clear is my mind. Aum tat sva ha.2

1 [CITE.]


Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1917 e.v. 63

May 6.

Had news of my mother’s death. Two nights before news had dream that she was dead, with a feeling of extreme distress. The same happened two nights before I had news of my father’s death. I had often dreamed that my mother had died, but never with that helpless lonely feeling.

May 27.

My health has been constantly bad—a mixture of swamp fever and rheumatism, fugitive neuralgic symptoms, etc.—at least I most sincerely hope so, i.e. from A.C.’s point of view.

But I myself (sawya) have been considering all the time how to act as to Crowley’s body and mind. Can I use it any more?

Wouldn’t my ideas get ahead much faster if he were dead?

Shouldn’t I be wise to manifest in another, or in a multitude?

This practice has been nightly for some few days—I dare say ten. It has helped greatly my poor client Crowley, who now sees the point of the Buddhist corpse-meditations and their congeners.

(Written after doing Op. 3, An. xiii .)

May 31.

I have completed Opus 4, 5, 6 with the Object of the Promulgation of the Law. It appears that I should concentrate wholly on this, leaving it to Those invoked forces to arrange the details. I know the other way, the way of doing one petty operation after another is more interesting and more spectacular; but I think the only valid reason for using it is that one can follow one’s work better, and the point of this is strongest when one does not know much about the Method. In other words, the real Adept should go straight to the point. However, am I such an adedt—so far? I still do operations now and then which produce the exact contrary of the desired result. But in doing an operation which is in actual hermony with one’s whole karma-Will, such accidents should be impossible.

June 14.

I note after Butler that tanha is a longing for continued separa64

The Equinox

tion, and so a form of hate. So desire for fame is desire for a fixity in separation; yet all fixity is death. So “personal life” is hate, and perfection, which is “death,” is hate too. Another proof of the duality of all intellectual concepts. Forgetting is death, but so is remembering; for the one implies the other. So with all opposites; but beyond the opposites is not, as we hastily syllogize, a “transcendant unity” but a Something quite beyond definition or conception. The Universe is an organic whole; to be conscious of every detail of it, any more than a cat is conscious of every hair on her body. The realization must be “impressionistic”; and the mental image of it intensely biased. Therefore we must enlarge the mind as well as quell it.

I am getting quite to the point of habitual recognition of myself as sawya and it does much good. But I have seen lately the danger of having a mental machine which functions so independently of the Self, and even of the human will. E.g., all my sympathies are most profoundly with the Allies; but my brain refuses to think as sympathizers seem to do; so in argument I often seem “pro-German.” Similarly, I have a Socialistic or Anarchistic brain, but an Aristocrat’s heart; hence constant muddle not in myself, but in others who observe me.

The Illusion is always attacking Conscious Crowley in curious subconscious ways. One catches oneself assuming that C.C. has some importance to something, that this bundle of sticks is worth keeping tied, for example. It is hard to express how deep and subtle this has become; as a matter of fact, my brain constantly baulks at the analysis. “Change” is the special subject of a Magus; and all terms seem to have become entirely fluid.

I must confess to moral paralysis, by the way; hope has been practically extinguished, and I now realize how hard it is to work without that insidious drug. One doesn’t want to take a chance any more; the thought of wasting energy has become insuperable; I can only do a thing when I am sure of the result, or very nearly so. My life-work seems to have gone to utter smash at the exact moment when it was to have flowered. And this also pertaineth unto the Grade of a Magus, and I give Salutation to the Prophet of Allah, for like unto his case is mine also.

Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1917 e.v. 65

Aug. 28.

The symptom which has obsessed me since April, five months now, is as I thought, and think, a sarcoma of the tibia. But I have reconquered general good health and high spirits—ten very vigorous IX° and XI° operations in 12 days!—I have overcome the financial trouble to some purpose; and this without destroying the conviction of my approaching change. My diagnosis may be be wrong; in any case I have had the ordeal. Yet I am quite cheerfully making plans for the “future” which will probably never arrive.

By the way, the “Brown Girl” has materialized exactly as seen in my vision of last year,1 and the Tarot card of this Equinox.

Anna Catherine Miller is her name and we are living together in a room on Central Park West, where we can see nothing but trees!

Glory to the Otz Chiim,2 in whose boughs the Wonder Bird, the Swan Paramahansa, makes his nest.3

Sept. 3. Last night (C2H5)2O.

Prø¬ø. Ether makes all body glow; but after [ART] the glow stops above mμlodhora. This glow is spherical or auric, not branching as it would be if nervous in origin. This is an argument for auras. It is love that opens the gates of the heavens, will that shuts those of the hells. I got this as a flash of cosmic memory. As a rational corollary, I got: Love is the power to say “yes”; will the power to say “no.” Cheap epigram leading to heresy; beware!

My 9°=2á consciousness is now quite fixed in the depths.

There is a point in evolution where all the different lines of argument run together with a rush I was identifying the eye of a potato with the Eye of Horus, when all the other eyes joined in the dance! This always happens as the consciousness expands, becomes erectile or enthusiastic, in the course of any general resolution of propositions.

1 [XREF.]

2 [Hebrew, “Tree of Life.”]

3 I am aware that terrestrial swans don’t nest in trees.

66 The Equinox

Asked by Anubis, my dog-headed concubine,1 to say something else beautiful about love, I replied: “Ill-temper is a disagreeable quality, but it never gave anybody the clap.”

Kipling is a Puritan. “The sins ye do two by two” etc.2 Qelhma must be the touch-stone of the true artist. “A sarcoma is fed in thesame way as the body; so it ought to share in the general glee of ether.” It does so; consciousness feels glad of this. This seems a good joke, with a Christmassy flavour, so I laugh. Then I think of those who don’t see the joke, like the poor little boys who have no turkey, so I get a maudlin sadness. this is all one idea and might be called the Pickwick-complex!

“One stops taking ether not from fear, but because one reaches one’s limit. This is distressing, but should not be. One has done one’s own Great work; it is for one’s Holy Guardian Angel to do His. Yet I can slip into ivadar ana any moment.—What are moments?

Sept. 4.

I have had 3 “royal” dreams again in these two nights past. 1.

Roosevelt wanted me to go campaigning with him. 2. Rockefeller, who was a man with Juppiter rising in Sagittarius—gave me dinner, which I did not eat, by the way—and got very interested in my astrology, etc. 3. A long romantic dream of Charles II, an elopement, a burning mansion, etc., etc. I don’t remember quite how any king came in; it was quite typically a royal dream.

Sept. 23. 10:30 p.m. An. xiii . Sol in Libra.

A very elaborate operation in which as the result of a most profound psychology I obtained the Word “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” Objections that it is not a single word, etc., are quite nugatory. I object to recasting it as Qelhma, for instance. I cannot possibly explain the series of exclusions which I have devised for obtaining the supreme Consciousness and Will; but it doth suffice.

1 [Anna Catherine Miller, whom Crowley called the Dog.]


Liber 73 % The Urn 5 1917–1918 e.v. 67

The Qelhma divination1 is “VII” VI:14: “There are deep secrets in these songs. to enjoy song he must be the bird.”

Sept. 27.

I’ve been ill—liver chill and cold, etc. Every phenomenon is a Change; all Change is interesting as such; therefore the Universe is Joy. But the Idealist, with his Fixed God, is always disappointed.

The Masters of Truth are the only happy men, though they constantly observe what men stupidly call Sorrow.

Jan. 7, 1918 e.v.

I observe that a period has come in my life when Attainment for its own sake is no longer wanted. “Who go into samødhi?” This is I think a proof of the perfect destruction of “Sorrow.” The practical point is that I now do all those things which voluptuaries do, with equal or greater enthusiasm and power; but always for an Ulterior End. In this manner I am reproached by that whore of niggers and dogs, Mrs. Zainn2 with whom I am now living in much worse than adultery; for she exhorts me to the Way of the Tao. But is not this for me perhaps That Way, that I should always follow Art and the Salvation of the World?

Am I not Saint Edward, the Warden, and Alexander, Helper of Men? I seem also to remember that in my Chinese name Kwaw is a fortress. However ……3

Jan. 31 [1918 e.v. ]

Since last entry there has been the initiation of a new and very strong magical current. Eve4 has been getting visions and messages, evidently authentic, since her informant solved the

1 [Bibliomancy using The Holy Books of Thelema.]

2 [Or Zaiim; the typist was unsure. This was Roddie Minor, whom Crowley called the Camel. She became the Scarlet Woman, Soror Achitha (Ahita, or Achita), and was also called Eve.]

3 [The typescript notes “The Magical diary since Sept. 27 is in the O.T.O. Record. See “Rex de Arte Regia,” CITE.]

4 [Roddie Minor.]

68 The Equinox

problem of the spelling of Baphomet, and other things which had baffled me for a long time.1

An. xiv. Sol in Aries. (March 21, 1918.)

The Word of the Equinox, obtained through V.H.V.I.V.I. Soror Achitha,2 is “Akamrach”; the meaning to be obtained later.

It refers to a great stream of clear water, Chesed.

July 19.

Began Great Magical Retirement in canoe on Hudson. (See Liber XCVII.)3

1 [CITE LIBER 729.]

2 [The address “Very Holy, Very Illuminated, Very Illustrious” is a variant of the O.T.O. custom for addressing a member of the IX°.]

3 [This paper, “Soror Achitha’s Vision,” is believed lost. See however the surviving fragment of “The Hermit of Æsopus Island, p. XREF.]

Ninpo Godai Middle Pillar Ritual

August 22, 2008

This rite is drawn from the symbology of The Godai (five elements) taught in certain Bujinkan schools and applied to the format of the Middle Pillar.

1. Begin seated in “fudoza” (crossed legged with one heel pressed against the perineum) or in “seiza” (kneeling, Japanese style).

Take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

2. Form the Mudra for the Void (wrap your right fist around your left upraised index finger) and vibrate the word “KU”. Visualize a brilliant white sphere forming at the Crown Chakra and expanding to envelop the brow and throat chakras. Gold and indigo swirls flash from it’s depths.

The qualities of these centers are spontaneity, intuition, verbal skill, creativity, and egolessness. Its animal is the Spider, and sometimes the Crane.

This is the mastery of Space/Time, of other realms like The Dream Time or Noumenal.

3. Form the Mudra for Wind/Air (with your hands in a prayer position, form interlocked rings with your index fingers and thumbs) and vibrate the word “FU”. Visualize a brilliant green sphere forming at your Heart/Anahata Chakra.

The qualities of this center are compassion, forgiveness, benevolence, and healing. It is also righteous anger, like that of a mother. Its animal is the Hawk, and sometimes the Lion.

This is mastery of freedom.

4. Form the Mudra for Fire (like Wind, but interlock middle fingers and thumbs) and vibrate the word “KA”. Visualize a brilliant red sphere forming at your Solar Plexus/Manipura Chakra.

The qualities of this center are assertiveness, intensity, exuberance, charisma, artistic drive, and communication. Its animal is the Tiger.

This is mastery of energy.

5. Form the Mudra for Water (like Fire, but interlock the ring fingers and thumbs) and vibrate the word “SUI”. Visualize a brilliant blue sphere forming at your Lower abdomen/Svadhistana Chakra.

The qualities of this center are intelligence, introspection, science, sensuality, and desire. Its animal is the Dragon.

This is mastery of fluidity and adaptability.

6.Form the Mudra for Earth (like Water, but interlock the pinky fingers and thumbs) and vibrate the word “CHI”. Visualize a brilliant yellow sphere forming at the base of your spine/Muladhara Chakra.

The qualities of this center are confidence, stability, practicality, curiosity, and being fearless. Its animal is the Bear.

This is mastery of the physical, both body and environment.

7. Allow the energy to rush along your thrusting channels (in the center of your body), from the base of your spine to your crown, and then back again three or four times.

8. Now Inhale, raising the energy along your spine (Governing Channel), then exhale, allowing it to descend along your front line (Functional Channel). Repeat this for no less than thirty six breath cycles and be sure to keep your tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth. This is known as the Microcosmic Orbit in Taoist Yoga and Kikou/Chi Kung.

9.After you have finished, collect the energy at your center of gravity (or if you dare, your heart or brow region).

10. Bring your hands to a prayer position and recite “SHIKIN HARAMITSU DAIKOMYO”, which means, roughly, “every moment may hold the key to personal enlightenment” or “may our actions lead us to enlightenment”, depending on who you ask.

Clap twice, bow, clap once more, and bow a final time.

Left Hand Path Banishing Ritual

August 22, 2008
This is by the infamous Dead Jellyfish.
It is a great LHP banishing ritual.

Here is a very simple banishing that I use before doing workings of a Left Hand Path nature. It helps the magickian enter a state of mind conducive to Left Hand Path workings.

1. Starting from the south, draw a sphere around yourself counter clockwise, with your left hand while visualizing the sphere in a colour of your choice.

2. Ring a bell nine times. A tuning fork also works very well. Note: when this banishing is used at the end of a ritual, the bell should be rung at the end instead.

3. Face the South. Take one step forward with your left foot and draw an inverted pentagram in the air with your left hand and say boldly the following:

“I call forth Satan who brought the Promethean gift of the apple.” (Visualize the serpent offering you the apple of gnosis).

4. Turn towards the East. Take one step forward with your left foot and draw an inverted pentagram in the air with your left hand and say the following:

“I call forth Lucifer, the bringer of Light and Knowledge.” (Visualize Lucifer rising, brilliant and triumphant)

5. Turn towards the North. Take one step forward with your left foot and draw an inverted pentagram in the air with your left hand and say the following:

“I call forth Belial, he who has no master.” (Visualize a powerful demon who bows before no God but himself)

6. Turn towards the West. Take one step forward with your left foot and draw an inverted pentagram in the air with your left hand and say the following:

“I call forth Leviathan, the crocodile of the deep, the carnal animal of Chaos.” (Visualize a crocodile with the eyes of a dragon)

7. Return to center of the sphere. Now you will invoke Set. (This part should be skipped when this banishing is used at the end of a ritual.)

“I invoke Set, who nightly slays Apep. By destroying the imp of Chaos, I create freedom for myself. I have the freedom to create any order I desire for myself, and I have the freedom to destroy it. I have the power to change at Will, and through change I can Become.”

8. Re-enforce the sphere by standing motionless in quiet meditation until gnosis is reached.

9. Laughter.

Invocation of the Vampiric Aspect

August 22, 2008

This invocation is by Arawyn con Thanatos. It originally was posted on Death and

This rite is for invoking your vampiric aspect followed by draining the life energy of a target.


  • Select your victim.
  • Altar: cover the altar with black cloth and place it in the western side of the room. Above the altar hang a vortex (representing the gates to hell and the abyss). Place a photo of the victim below it. On the altar place two black candle, a dagger, a chalice filled with red wine (representing the blood of your victim).
  • Music: Something suitably dark. I’d suggest Carpe Noctem (available on Tanz der Vampire) or Seize the Night (available on Napster, just look around there).
  • Garment: Black of course.

The Rite:

Ignite the candles, start the music.

The invocation:

Point the dagger to the vortex and chant:

I throw open the gates
to the abyss of horror
I release my demonic double (your name)
out of the darkness into the light of the world

Visualise your demonic brother to arise out of the vortex and merging with you while saying the following:

I fuse and merge with the vampirc aspects of my dark brother
to let (victims name) tremble with revulsion and terror
to feed on the life essence of (victims name)
to let him see the power and glory of hell!

Lift the chalice, and shout the name of your victim.

I drink from this chalice
the vessel of (victims name) life
and swallow the life essence of (name)

Drink the wine to the last drop.

I destroy all your hopes and dreams
I’m the darkness inside your night
In the darkness I hear your screams
You’ve been abandoned by the light

I’m thrilled at giving you pain
I’m thrilled at hearing your screams
I’m thrilled at drinking from your veins
I’m thrilled at corrupting your dreams
I’m thrilled at tasting the blood of your heart
I’m thrilled at having you in my control
I’m thrilled at tearing your body apart
I’m thrilled at destroying your soul
I’m thrilled at destroying your soul!

Carpe Noctem Lamia
Sanguim Suga Belua

Repeat until you reach gnosis (seething is a good technique for this one), then come to a complete stop and chant:

Look at me (name of victim)
You are weak
Darkness surrounds you
You belong to me alone
You are lost forever
Your will is broken
Eternal Night’s got a hold on you
You are nothing more but an empty shell
I have hunted you down
I drink your life essence again and again
Until I tasted the very last drop
Your soul belongs to me
You are empty

My will be done!

Douse the candles.

A Complete Guide To The Seven-Fold Sinister Way

August 22, 2008

A Complete Guide To The Seven-Fold Sinister WayONA

IntroductionThe Seven-Fold Sinister Way is the name given to the system of training used by traditional Satanists. It is the practice of Satanism, by individual Satanists, and thus expresses Satanism in action.
The Way is an individual one – each stage, of the seven stages that make the Way, is achieved by the individual as a result of their own effort. To reach a particular stage, requires considerable effort by the individual, who works mostly on their own.
One aim of the Way is to create Satanic individuals – that is, to train individuals in the ways of Satanism. This Satanic training developes individual character, esoteric (or Occult) skills and self-insight. The individual also acquires genuine esoteric knowledge and a genuine understanding.
The Way itself enables any individual to achieve genuine magickal Adeptship (and beyond) and thus fulfil the potential latent within them – thus they can and do enhance their life, and achieve their unique Destiny.
The Way is essentially practical – involving experiences in the real world, and ordeals, as well as the completion of difficult, challenging tasks. It also involves a practical mastery of all forms of magick. The Way requires a sincere and genuine commitment, and it is both difficult and very dangerous. Success depends on this commitment by the individual.

The Way is divided into seven stages, and these mark a specific level of individual achievement. The stages are: Neophyte; Initiate; External Adept; Internal Adept; Master of Temple/Mistress of Earth [ or “Lady Master”]; Grand Master/Grand Mistress [ or “Grand Lady Master”]; Immortal. Sometimes, Initiates are described, or known, as “novices”; Internal Adepts as Priest/Priestess; a Grand Master as a Magus, and a Grand Mistress as a Magistra.
Each of these stages is associated with specific tasks, ordeals, rituals and so on, and a completion of each and all of these (given in detail below under the appropriate stage) is required before the next stage can be attempted. Also, each stage involves the individual in a certain amount of reading and study of Order manuscripts  hereafter “manuscripts” is abbreviated as MSS, and “manuscript” as MS ]. The purpose of this reading and study is to provide a Satanic understanding of the tasks, ordeals, rituals and so on of the particular stage being attempted. Each stage represents a development of and in the individual – of their personality, their skills, their understanding, their knowledge and insight.
Before embarking on the first stage – that of Satanic Initiation – the individual who desires to follow the dark path of traditional Satanism should gain some understanding of what genuine Satanism is. To this end, the following Order MSS should be read:

    * Satanism – An Introduction For Prospective Adherents
    * The Sinister Path: An Introduction to Traditional Satanism
    * The Essence of the Sinister Path [contained in Hostia – Secret Teachings of the ONA]

I – Neophyte

The first task of a neophyte [the word means “a beginner; a new convert”] is to obtain copies of the various Order MSS which will be needed. These are: (1) The Black Book of Satan – A Guide to Satanic Ceremonial Magick; (2) Naos – A Guide to Becoming an Adept; and (3) Hostia – The Secret Teachings of the ONA (Volumes I & II). The following MSS (contained in Hostia) should be particularly studied in order to gain an understanding of traditional Satanism and its methods: (a) Selling Water By The River; (b) Satanism – The Sinister Shadow, Revealed; (c) Guide to Black Magick; (d) Ritual MagickDure and Sedue Ceremonial. The neophyte also needs to understand the fundamental concepts of magick, such as “causal” and “acausal” and here a study of the following Order MSS is useful: (a) Chapters 0 and I of Naos; (b) Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction.
The second task of a neophyte is to undertake the “secret task” appropriate to this first stage. This task is a necessary prelude to Satanic Initiation [ the task is detailed in the MS “The Secret Tasks of the Sinister Way”, which is included as an Appendix to this present work].
The third task of a neophyte is to undertake a ritual of Satanic Initiation. If you are in contact with a traditional Satanic group, this can be a Ceremonial ritual. If you are working alone, or the group you are in contact with suggest it, it can be a Hermetic one of “Self-Initiation”. Both of these rituals of Initiation are given in detail in the Order MS The Black Book of Satan – A Guide to Satanic Ceremonial Magick. There is no difference between a Ceremonial Initiation, and a Hermetic Self-Initiation.
The fourth and final task of this stage involves the new Satanic Initiate in constructing and learning to play, The Star Game, details of which are given in the Order MS Naos.

II – Initiate

1) Study the Septenary System in detail [Naos] and begin hermetic magickal workings with the septenary spheres and pathways as described in Naos. Write a personal “magickal diary” about these workings. Study and begin to use the Sinister Tarot [copies of the Sinister Tarot, and study notes, are available from the ONA].
2) Undertake hermetic workings/rituals for specific personal desires/personal requests of your own choosing, as described in Naos. Record these, and the results, if any, in your magickal diary.
3) Set yourself one very demanding physical goal, train and achieve or surpass that goal. [Examples of minimum standards are, for men: walking thirty-two miles in less than seven hours in hilly terrain; running twenty miles in hilly terrain in less than two and a half hours. Cycling one hundred miles in under five and a half hours. For women, the acceptable minimum standards are: walking twenty-seven miles in hilly terrain in less than seven hours; running twenty miles in hilly terrain in less than three hours; cycling one hundred miles in under six and one quarter hours.]
4) Seek and find someone of the opposite sex to be your ‘magickal’ companion and sexual partner, and introduce this person to Satanism. Initiate them according to the rite in The Black Book of Satan. Undertake the path and sphere workings with this partner.
5) Obtain and study the Order MS The Temple of Satan [Part II of The Deofel Quartet]. A guide to this MS is given in the MSS The Deofel Quartet – Responses and Critical Analysis; and The Deofel Quartet – A Satanic Analysis. [Note: Part I of the Deofel Quartet – Falcifer, Lord of Darkness – is intended as entertaining Satanic fiction.]
6) Undertake an ‘Insight Role’ [see the Secret Tasks MS and the MS Insight Roles – A Guide, in Hostia.] This Insight Role is the Secret Task of this stage.
7) After completion of your Insight Role, undertake the Grade Ritual of External Adept, given in Naos.
The stage of Initiation can last – depending on the commitment of the Initiate – from six months to a year. Occasionally, it lasts two years.

Understanding Initiation:

Satanic Initiation is the awakening of the darker/sinister/unconscious aspects of the psyche, and of the inner (often repressed) and latent personality/character of the Initiate. It is also a personal commitment, by the Initiate, to the path of Satanism. The dark, or sinister, energies which are used/unleashed are symbolized by the symbols/forms of the Septenary System, and these symbols are used in the workings with the septenary spheres and pathways. These magickal workings provide a controlled, ritualized, or willed, experience of these dark energies or “forces” – and this practical experience begins the process of objectifying and understanding such energies, and thus these aspects of the psyche/personality of the Initiate. The Star Game takes this process of objectification further, enabling a complete and rational understanding – divorced from conventional “moral opposites”.
The physical goal which an Initiate must achieve developes personal qualities such as determination, self-discipline, élan. It enhances the vitality of the Initiate, and balances the inner magickal work.
The seeking and finding of a magickal companion begins the confrontation/understanding of the anima/animus (the female/male archetypes which exist in the psyche and beyond) in a practical way, and so increases self-understanding via direct experience. It also enables further magickal work to be done, of a necessary type.
An Insight Role developes real Satanic character in the individual; it is a severe test of the resolve, Satanic commitment and personality of the Initiate. The Grade Ritual which completes the stage of Initiation (and which leads to the next stage) is a magickal act of synthesis.

III – External Adept


1) Organize a magickal, and Satanic, group/magickal Temple. You must recruit members for this Satanic Temple, and teach them about Satanism. With your companion (or another one if personal circumstances have changed) you must Initiate these members according to the ceremonial ritual in The Black Book of Satan as you must perform ceremonial rituals on a regular basis. In this Temple, you will be the officiating Priest/Priestess, with your partner acting as the Priestess/Priest. Regular Sunedrions should be held, as detailed in the Black Book of Satan, as you should regularly perform rituals, both hermetic and ceremonial, for the satisfaction of your own desires and those of your members. You should run this Temple for between six and eighteen months.
2) Train for and undertake all three of the following different and demanding physical tasks – the minimum standards (for men) are: (a) walking thirty-two miles, in hilly terrain, in under seven hours while carrying a pack weighing at least 30 lbs; (b) running twenty-six miles in four hours; (c) cycling two hundred or more miles in twelve hours. [Those who have already achieved such goals in such activities should set themselves more demanding goals. For women, the minimum acceptable standards are: (a) walking twenty-seven miles in under seven hours while carrying a pack weighing at least 15 lbs. (b) running twenty-six miles in four and a half hours; (c) cycling one hundred and seventy miles in twelve hours.]
3) Undertake the ‘Secret Task’ as given in the Secret Tasks MS.
4) Study, construct and learn to play the advanced form of The Star Game.
5) Study Aeonics and the principles of Aeonic Magick, as detailed in Order MSS.
6) Study, and if possible practice, Esoteric Chant, as detailed in Order MSS [ particularly in Naos].
7) Study the esoteric traditions of traditional Satanism, and if so inclined [see ‘Concerning The Satanic Temple’ below] instruct your Temple members in this tradition. The tradition is contained in The Black Book of Satan; Naos; Hostia; The Deofel Quartet; Aeonic Magick and other Order MSS.
8) Prepare for, and undertake, the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept – if necessary choosing someone to run the Satanic Temple in your absence.

Concerning The Satanic Temple:

The Temple must be run for a minimum of six months, as you yourself must seek out, recruit, instruct and train, the members of this Temple. There must be at least four other members, excluding yourself and your companion, during these six months, as you must strive to obtain an equal balance between men and women. It is at your discretion whether or not you are honest about your intentions, and inform recruits/potential recruits that this Temple is one of your tasks as an External Adept, and that you yourself are not yet very advanced along the Satanic path. If you choose not to so inform your members, you must play the appropriate role. If you are considering keeping and expanding the Temple beyond the minimum period and into the next stage, that of Internal Adept, it is more practical to be honest from the outset. The crux is to decide whether you wish your Temple to be solely for your own External Adept purpose, or whether you want it be truely Satanic, with your members guided by you to become sincere and practising Satanists. If this latter, then you must be honest with them about your own progress along the path, and instruct them according to ONA tradition.
After this six months is over – with four or more members and many ceremonial rituals having been performed – you may disband the Temple, if you consider sufficient experience has been gained in magick/manipulation/pleasuring. However the time limit of six months, and the minimum of four other members, must be observed, otherwise the task is not completed, and the next stage – Internal Adept – is not possible. This particular task, of an External Adept, is only complete when these minimum conditions have been met, for such conditions are essential for practical ceremonial experience to be gained.

After these conditions have been met, you may opt to continue with, and expand, your Temple.

Understanding External Adept:

The tasks of an External Adept develope both magickal and personal experience, and from these a real, abiding, Satanic character is formed in the individual. This character, and the understanding and skills which go with it, are the essential foundations of the next stage, that of the Internal Adept.
The Temple enables various character roles to be directly assumed, and further developes the magickal skills, and magickal understanding, an Adept must possess. Particularly important here is skill in, and understanding of, ceremonial magick. Without this skill and understanding, Aeonic magick is not possible. The Temple also completes the experiencing of confronting, and integrating, the anima/animus.
From the many and diverse controlled and willed experiences, a genuine self-learning arises: the beginnings of the process of “individuation”, of esoteric Adeptship. [ See the Order MS Adeptship – Its Real Meaning and Significance.]

The stage of External Adept lasts from two to six years.

IV – Internal Adept

The basic task of an Internal Adept is to strive to fulfil their personal Destiny – that is, to presence the dark force by acting Satanically in the real world, thus affecting others, and causing changes in accord with the sinister dialectic of change. This personal Destiny is revealed, or becomes known, before or during the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept.
The Destiny is unique, and involves using the natural, and developed character and abilities of the individual. For some, the Destiny may be to continue with their Satanic Temple, teaching others, and guiding them in their turn along the Seven-Fold Way. For others, the Destiny may be creative, in the artistic or musical sense – presencing the sinister through new, invented and performed forms or works. For others, the Destiny may be to acquire influence and/or power, and using these to aid /produce Satanic change in accord with the sinister dialectic. For others, it may involve some heretical/adversarial or directly revolutionary or disruptive role, and thus seeking to change society. For others, the Destiny may be specific and specialized – being a warrior, or an assassin….. There are as many Destinies as there Adepts to undertake them.
While this Destiny is unfolding, the Adept will be increasing their esoteric knowledge and experience through a study and practice of Esoteric Chant, The Star Game, Aeonic Magick. Rites such as those of the Nine Angles will be undertaken. A complete and reasoned understanding of Aeons, Civilizations and other forms will be achieved, and with it the beginnings of wisdom.
After many years of striving to fulfil their Destiny, and after many years of experience and learning, the Adept will be propelled toward the next stage of the Way [ see the MS Mastery – Its Real Meaning and Significance; and the MS The Abyss where what occurs during Internal Adept is described.] When the time is right, the Grade Ritual of Master/Mistress will be undertaken. The time is right only after the Adept has spent years completing themselves, and their ‘self-image’, having taken themselves to and beyond their limits – physical, mental, intellectual, moral, emotional. Being genuine Adepts, they will have the insight, and the honesty, to know what experiences, and what knowledge, they lack – and accordingly will seek to undergo such experiences, and learn such knowledge.

The stage of Internal Adept lasts from five to eleven years.

V – Master/Mistress

The fundamental tasks of this Grade are threefold:
1) The guiding of suitable individuals along the Seven-Fold Way, either on an individual basis, or as part of a structured Temple/group;
2) The performance of Aeonic Magick to aid the sinister dialectic;
3) The creation of new forms to enhance conscious understanding and to aid the presencing of acausal/sinister forces.
Further, and importantly, a Master/Mistress will be using their Aeonic understanding, and their skills to influence/bring about changes in the societies of their time – this is Aeonic Magick, but without “ritual”, as described in Parts III and IV of The Deofel Quartet. They will also be working to create long-term change (of centuries or more).
Few individuals reach the stage of Master/Mistress – so far, only one to two individuals a century, out of all the genuine esoteric traditions, have gone beyond the stage of Master/Mistress to that of Grand Master/Grand Mistress.
The stage of Master/Mistress lasts a minimum of seven years – when sufficient Aeonic works are completed/achieved, and wisdom attained, there is a moving toward the next stage, that of Grand Master/Grand Mistress.

Appendix – The Secret Tasks of the Sinister Way

The secret tasks have remained secret for a long time by virtue of their nature – they represent genuine Satanism in action and as such often are “a-moral”. Such esoteric tasks were revealed to an Initiate by the Master, or Adept, guiding and training that Initiate.
To understand the nature of these tasks, it is necessary for the Satanic novice to be familiar, and in agreement with, the secret teachings themselves, particularly as these relate to human sacrifice, or culling. [These teachings are contained in such Order MSS as (1) The Hard Reality of Satanism; (2) Satanism, Sacrifice and Crime; (3) Culling – A Guide to Sacrifice; (4) Guidelines for the Testing of Opfers; (5) Victims – A Sinister Expose; (6) The Practice of Evil in Context.] For a long time, the matters mentioned in the above secret MSS were transmitted only on an oral basis – it being forbidden for such teachings and practices to be written down or divulged to non-Initiates. However, as explained elsewhere, in several other MSS, this practice has now changed.
Accordingly, this present MS will detail the secret tasks which a Satanic novice must undertake as part of their commitment to Satanism. That is, these hitherto secret tasks – like the other tasks detailed in the MS A Complete Guide to the Seven-Fold Way – are both required and necessary: mandatory if progress is to be made upon the Way. Without them, there can be no genuine achievement along the Way, for it is such tasks which develope that character and those abilities which are Satanic and which thus represent the presencing of the dark forces on Earth via the agency (or vehicle) of the individual Satanist. These secret tasks – and the other tasks – represent the way of Satan. They are Satanic. As such, they a fitting only to a minority: to those who are, or those who desire to become, Satanists. Some who profess to be ‘Satanists’ – and some who wish to become Satanists – will hear of these tasks, or read them, and be surprised, perhaps even appalled, particuarly by the tasks that involve hunting and killing animals and culling human dross. Such people will say or write such things as “Such tasks are not necessary”. By saying or writing such things such people condemn themselves as “ordinary” and weak, as they will show they lack the demonic desire, the hardness, the toughness, the darkness which all genuine Satanic novices possess or must develope. Satanism is at it is – dark, and dangerous, and full of diabolic ecstasies and diabolic triumphs over the “ordinary”, the mundane and those who would keep everyone in servitude and thrall. So it is, so has it been, and so shall it continue to be – to enable evolution, to create what must be created, while the fearful majorities in their sloth, delusions and ignorance continue their morbid, Nazarene-like, sub-human existence.
As has been stated many times, genuine Satanism requires commitment – it requires self-effort, by the novice, over a period of years. It involves genuine ordeals, the achievement of difficult goals, the participation in pleasures, and the living of life in certain ways. Only thus are self-insight and genuine Occult ability born – only thus is a genuine Adept created.


Before Initiation – and after undertaking the first task of a neophyte as given in the Guide – undertake the following task:

* Find an area where game is plentiful and, equipping yourself with either a cross-bow or an ordinary bow (a longbow) hunt/stalk some suitable game, and make a kill. Skin and prepare this game yourself (if necessary – for example, a pheasant – ‘hanging’ the game until it is ready). When prepared and ready, cook and eat this game.
“Game” in this context means wild edible birds or animals such as venison, hare, rabbit, partridge, pheasant, wildfowl. For this task, you are undertaking the role of hunter, using primitive weapons. (Guns cannot be used for this task.) After completing this hunting task, either undertake the next task as given below – which is not obligatory – or repeat the task above, choosing a different type of game.

* Obtain from a Nazarene place of worship some ‘hosts’ as used in their perverse and sordid rituals. If you are seeking Initiation into an established ceremonial group/Temple, this will probably be your task of fidelity to that group/Temple, with the hosts being used in the celebration of The Black Mass. If however you are undertaking a Self-Initiation (as given in The Black Book of Satan) then immediately following that rite of Self-Initiation you should trample on or otherwise defile these ‘hosts’ (e.g. by urinating on them) saying as you do so the following: “By this deed I pledge myself to counter Nazarene filth, and give myself, body, blood and soul, to Satan, Prince of Darkness.” You should then burn the hosts or what remains of them by placing them in a vessel containing flammable liquid and setting this alight, laughing as the burning seals your gesture and your oath.


After the rite or ceremony of your Initiation, and following the completion of the tasks as given in the Guide, you should choose and undertake, for between six to eighteen months, an Insight Role [see the MS Insight Roles – A Guide].

External Adept:

The following two tasks must both be undertaken successfully.

1) With your Temple formed as one of your External Adept tasks – see the Guide – perform a Black Mass using hosts obtained by one of the newer members of this Temple, or obtained by a candidate seeking Initiation.
2) Train several members, and yourself, in the undertaking of the tests relevant to choosing an opfer – a human sacrifice. Select some suitable victims, using Satanic guidelines for so selecting a victim, and undertake the relevant tests on each chosen victim. The victim or victims having been so chosen by failing such tests, perform The Death Ritual with the intent of eliminating by magickal means the chosen victim(s). Thereafter, and having completed all the necessary preparations, select a further victim using Aeonics or sinister strategy as a guide, and undertake a culling by disposing of the victim either during a suitable rite (e.g. The Ceremony of Recalling) or via practical means (e.g. assassination). You may elect to do this practical means yourself, or you may choose a trusted suitable member of your Temple to undertake this for the glory of the Temple. If you have elected for practical means, have your Temple undertake The Death Ritual at the chosen time.
It must be stressed that (i) the victim(s) must be chosen according to Satanic principles as given in the appropriate Order MSS; (ii) those so chosen must be tested according to Satanic principles as given in the appropriate Order MSS. Furthermore, the victims can be chosen either by you, or suggested by a member of your Temple, if those members are following the Satanic path in a committed way.
Beyond External Adept, there are no secret tasks of a prescribed nature, for those following the sinister path to undertake.

– Order of Nine Angles –

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